Thursday 11 January 2018

My Top Ten Blog Posts Of 2017

At the start of each year, I always check to see which were my most popular blog posts from the year gone by, as it helps me see what people are interested in hearing about. Old slimming world recipes are always my most popular as they have a crazy amount of views on them but this year I have seen I am getting more views on more local posts. Every single post on my most popular list this year is a local one and my most popular post is actually something that I only wrote a month ago. 

1.) Cinderella at Whitley Bay Playhouse Review

For the last two years, we have visited Whitely Bay Playhouse to watch Blue Genies pantomimes and we loved this year's production of Cinderella so much we went to see it twice! The playhouse is such a great venue and Blue Genie put on amazing pantomime productions, it really is my favourite panto here in the North East. I only wrote my review a month ago but it has had so many views in such a short space of time as it is such a popular show. I am already looking forward to next years production of Peter Pan. 

2.) Sunderland Illuminations With Tyne & Wear Metro

Back in October, we were sent on a day out to Sunderland Illuminations with Tyne & Wear Metro. It was the first time we had went to the illuminations and we had such a lovely time and I was amazed at how easy it was to get to via Metro. The Illuminations are such a popular event that has been running for years ( I remember visiting myself as a child) so I was surprised the post proved so popular. 

3.) Halloween Events In And Around Newcastle For Families

This was just a quick post that I wrote after getting lots of press releases sent about local Halloween events on here in the North East. I wrote it really quickly and hardly promoted it so I am really surprised to see how well this post performed.

4.) Jurassic Kingdom Newcastle Review 

In September we attended the Jurassic Kingdom dinosaur event in Leazers park in Newcastle, the event had mixed reviews but my son seemed to enjoy it. I did think the event was a bit expensive for what it was but it was something different that people were interested in it. 

5.) Haven Berwick Review 

Back in May, we booked a little mini-break to the Haven Berwick caravan site which we paid for ourselves. It took me ages to blog about our little break as I didn't think anyone would be interested but it proved to be really popular. The Berwick site is so lovely and is within walking distance of the town and is right on the seafront, making it ideal for a family mini-break. 

6.) 100 Free Days Out In The North East This Summer

As a family of five days out during the summer holidays can be so expensive! We easily spend over £50 visiting the cinema or £200 visiting an attraction. And during the summer holidays all the days out soon add up, so I started looking for lots of free days out we could enjoy instead. Some of the best days out we last summer were just trips to the beach or park with a picnic as the children had so much fun. 

7.) Travel With Virgin Trains For Family Day's Out This Summer

This was actually a sponsored post I had been paid to write about a discount Virgin Trains East Coast were running during the summer. As a family, we do actually travel via Virgin Train on days out now and then as visiting, places like York and Edinburgh are so quick and convenient via train from Newcastle. I hope they run an offer like this again this year as we are planning some family days out via train for the summer. 

8.) Tiny Town Newcastle Review 

Early last year we visited Tiny Town a children's role-play centre in Newcastle and my children had so much fun. We really enjoyed our visit and the children have been desperate to return, it is a bit out of the way for us as it is located in a housing estate in Chapel House but if you are local it is a great place to visit with pre-schoolers. 

9.) 75 Places To Visit With Teens In The North East

As a mum to a teen and two under 5s, I find it so easy to find day out ideas that my younger children will enjoy but so hard to find places my teen will enjoy. So I decided to comply a list of places that are great for teens here in the North East. This year I am planning on featuring a lot more teen day out ideas as I know just how hard it can be finding somewhere suitable for teens that they will enjoy. 

10.) Ben and Holly Live

We were invited along to see Ben and Holly Live at the Tyne Theater back in the spring and my children thoroughly enjoyed the show. The show was touring the UK and it proved really popular by google search. 

So those are my most popular posts from 2017, they are very different to my popular posts from 2016. I wonder what will prove popular this year. 

If you are a blogger which of your posts were popular? 


  1. I loved your 100 days out and 75 days out posts - really thought they'd have been number one! It's been a fab year :D xx

    1. Thank you Sam, my panto one surprised me as the views went crazy on it in such a short space of time x

  2. It's always so interesting to see what people's top posts are - some great reviews included here!

    1. I know I always have a nosy to see what was popular for others and some of them surprise me x

  3. It's always interesting to see what your tops posts are isn't it? Mine still has some really old ones x

    1. It really is, I am often surprised with what does well sometimes x


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