Monday 28 January 2019

Things I Loved January 2019

January is a funny old month, everyone is a bit skint after Christmas and the huge gap between paydays, the weather is dreadful and everyone is breaking resolutions and feeling a bit rubbish. However I kind of like January, yeah it is freezing cold, my diet lasted a day and my bank balance is looking a bit bleak, but January is also the start of a new year filled with lots of memories to make. I also really like the cosy days at home with the heating on whilst we try and stay warm, the hearty home cooked meals, lazy weekends at home with the children and seeing them enjoy the new toys Santa got them. As cheesy as it sounds, I also feel a bit thankful that we are all safe and happy and healthy and have a year of memory making ahead of us.

So let's have a look at some of the things that I have loved this month. 

1.) Preston Park

This month we headed to Preston Park in Stockton-on-Tees to see the new Behind The Seams exhibition they have, which is costumes from some popular TV shows and films. We had never visited Preston Park before but we had a lovely day, exploring the museum, walking along the river, enjoying traditional sweets from the Victorian sweet shop and playing in the park. We only took Sophia with us for the day out and it was so lovely spending time with her on her own. 

2.) Sophia's Bravery

This month Sophia has blown me away with her bravery, she has had metal caps fitted to her teeth at the dental hospital without complaining once and she also had a tooth removed with just a local anaesthetic and didn't even flinch - she is braver than me. She also wowed us with her climbing skills at Preston Park, climbing a huge rope climbing frame that older children were struggling with. She is fearless and so confident it is amazing to watch, especially as she has a few problems which she is always fighting to overcome. Her speech and school work are also improving despite her struggling and I honestly hope she never changes as she is just amazing. 

3.) The New Year

I always love the new year, we never do anything on New Year's Eve and I am always asleep before the bells chime midnight. However, I really like the whole concept of a new year and having a whole year ahead to look forward to and make plans for. This year I will get married and who knows what adventures we will have along the way, I am excited to see what the year brings for us (fingers crossed for good things). 

4.) Vera 

I love Vera on ITV, I have watched it for years and always think it is perfect, easy, Sunday night viewing. I do like a good detective drama and I especially like Vera as it is set here in the North East and I like spotting places that I know and visit myself, my hometown was on it the other week. 

5.) Jacob Starting Football

Jacob started football training this month, something he has wanted to do for a while. When he was younger we took him to Little Kickers but he had no interest at all, now he is 4 he seems to have more interest and he has been nagging us for ages to go so we enrolled him at the local football club. He has only been once so far but he is so happy he goes with his friends, let's see how long he lasts this time. 

6.) Time Off Work

The other half has ten days off work and it is so nice to have him home every day to help with the kids and the school runs and bedtime routines, it honestly makes so much difference and they have loved having him home. We haven't had the chance to do anything yet but hopefully, we will manage to go for a few child-free meals out when the kids are at school. 

7.) Decorating 

We have lived in our house for two years now and we have finally gotten around to decorating the lounge/ dining room, well my dad has. When we moved into our house it was really dated and we have slowly been decorating rooms at a time and now it is time for the lounge. It is about halfway done so far and already it looks so much better, I can't wait until it is all finished. 

8.) Flower Girl Dress

On Saturday I had an appointment at the bridal store I got my wedding dress from to see if we could get Sophia a flower girl dress and we managed to get the most perfect one. She tried a few on before picking one that is just perfect, it will compliment my dress and she looks like an actual princess. The bridal shop (Brides Dream in Walkergate) is wonderful and the lady who owns it is so lovely, she even give Sophia a tiara for free to wear for the wedding. 

9.) Writing For A Magazine 

I have also started writing for Your North East Wedding magazine, I will be documenting my wedding planning in each issue and my wedding day will be featuring in the magazine at the end of the year. I really must get a move on to make it Pinterest perfect! 

10.) Netflix 

I love Netflix, I am forever binge-watching box sets these days. At the moment I am really enjoying the Marie Kondo tidying show, it has definitely made me want to declutter my whole house. I am also watching Luther, can't believe it has taken me so long to discover this show as it is brilliant, I even have the other half watching it now and he never watches shows I watch. 

So those are some of the things that I have loved this month, I am already looking forward to what February has in store for us, even though we have no plans as of yet. How was your January? 



  1. I loved January too (apart from feeling skint). It makes a huge different when your other half has some time off work doesn't it x

    1. It really does, nice not having to do school runs and after school groups on my own. xx


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