Monday 3 April 2017

March 2017

We are now a quarter of the way through the year, I know I keep saying it but this year really does seem to be whizzing on by. Sometimes I really do wish that things would slow down a little so that I can enjoy these years with my children just that little bit longer, they are growing so big right before my eyes. March was another strange month for us, not a lot happened and we did not do a lot but it was a nice quiet month both in real life and blog wise.

Personal Life

I was ill yet again in March, I had the most awful cough which lasted for weeks and just would not go away. I was really grumpy as I just could not sleep on a night time as I was up coughing non-stop so I was exhausted and not much fun to be around. Ever since the start of the year when I ended up in the hospital I have just been run down and unwell, thankfully I got better towards the end of the month. 

We did not even have a date night this month as I was unwell and the other half has been busy with work, he is back working long shifts again. He did surprise me with flowers one day after work though which was a nice surprise, unfortunately, Sophia was allergic to them. We had a few nice days out we went to see Ben & Holly live with the little two and myself and my teen went to see Beauty & the Beast at the cinema which was amazing. 

We had a quiet day at home for mothers day this year as I am not a fan of going out for lunch on Mothers day, we had a roast and it was nice spending time relaxing with my family. We have also been busy with the house this month, we finally got a new stair carpet fitted which makes such a difference as we had wooden varnished stairs before. We have also been making a start on getting the garden ready for summer now the weather is getting warmer as the children love being outdoors. 

Sophia went on her first nursery school visit to the farm at the end of the month which she really loved, she was first in line to see and touch all of the animals - even the scary tarantulas and snakes! She was also discharged from her paediatrician this month and she has a place at a special speech nursery two full days a week for eight weeks, to try and get her speech ready for starting school in September as she has delayed speech and is really quiet compared to her siblings. 

Jacob had his nursery photos this month and I loved them all, picking one was such hard work as he is such a poser and came out wth 10 photographs to choose from. He is also sleeping much better lately and is turning into such a little boy which is so strange after having two girls as I know nothing about football, dinosaurs and trains which he is really into. 

Chloe had a driving lesson this month with young drivers which she really enjoyed, I will be booking her more lessons to build her confidence ready for when she starts proper lessons when she is 17. She is out with her friends so much lately that we rarely see her, I am looking forward to half- term so I can spend some time with her. 

Blog Life

Blog wise things have started getting really busy again after being quiet after Christmas, I signed my biggest contract this month which I was happy about. I did not take any other sponsored posts though as I am being a lot more picky about what I feature on my blog now and I feel much happier for it. I am still in the Tots 100 at 73 which is a relief as I have been majorly slacking blogging wise the last few months, yet I have managed to stay in the top 100 for the last 6 months. 

After Christmas, I kind of lost my blogging mojo and I have been posting less on this blog and also on social media but lately, I feel like I want to blog again, I have done a lot of planning and brainstorming and I can't wait to put my ideas into action. 

This month we have worked with Young Drivers on a driving lesson for Chloe, we reviewed
 Ben & Holly Live at the Tyne Theatre and Opera House in Newcastle. We also worked with Jakks Toys reviewing some amazing Beauty and the Beast toys which Sophia loved, we also worked with Pia Jewellery and Silverlink retail park on Mothers Day campaigns. 

We have lots more exciting collaborations planned for next month, featuring lots of North East days out which I am really looking forward to working on as these type of posts do amazing. I am feeling really really inspired and organised lately, fingers crossed that it lasts! 

So that is what we have been up to in March, how was your month? 


  1. Busy month! March seems so long ago now and it is great to look back on what you were up to and planning ahead: how much have you completed?

    1. March really does seem so long ago now. April has been a super busy month too, can't believe it is almost May xx


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