Saturday 1 April 2017

Orchard Toys Smelly Wellies Game

We are big fans of Orchard Toys, we have quite a few of the games now and my three-year-old Sophia loves playing with them. Sophia has a speech delay and playing these games with her actually makes her concentrate and helps to learn her new words, so we make an effort to play a game with her regularly. Even though we play the games regularly she never gets bored of them, but she was delighted when she was recently sent a new game to play called Smelly Wellies.

Orchard Toys Smelly Wellies Review

Smelly Wellies is a matching memory card type game for 2-4 players that is recommended for children aged two plus. It is really easy to play and set up and the game is brightly coloured with images that young children find fascinating. Smelly Wellies has four monster boards which each have three monsters on and you have to play a memory game to find their missing wellies before your opponents. 

Orchard Toys Smelly Wellies game review

To play you pick your monster board card, you then select three red coloured wellies which you turn over to reveal brightly coloured wellies that you place on your monsters feet and then you have to take turns turning over the green wellies to see if you can find one that matches your monsters. Sophia got the hang of this game really quickly and she had great fun in finding the matching wellies and placing them on her monster. 

I have tried playing this game with my two-year-old and while he did not play the game correctly he did have a lot of fun playing the game with his own rules. Like all orchard toys games, we love that everything can easily be packed away into the box after use. 

Overall we found this to be a fun memory card game that children will enjoy playing with and it is a great addition to any child's toy collection. 

You can buy the Smelly Wellie game from the Orchard Toys website, amazon and all good toy retailers RRP £7.50. 

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Disclosure we were sent this game for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own. 


  1. I love Orchard Toys too, we have several and they are great for teaching simple board game rules and helping with social development

    1. They really are, I love that the boxes are so small too so they are easy to store xx


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