Sunday 12 March 2017

February 2017

I feel like I have not sat down and written on here in ages. I guess sometimes life just gets in the way, I wish I could say that I have been far too busy having fun and doing something amazing, but I have not. The truth is I have constantly been ill and I kind of lost my blogging mojo, I just don't have any energy to sit and write at the moment. I wish that I did as I have such a backlog of work at the moment but my mind has been elsewhere. I don't mean to sound like a grump but I have been so run down lately and I have had one illness after the other for the last eight weeks or so, as soon as I start feeling better I get unwell again with coughs, colds and sickness bugs. 

feb 2017 quayside

I feel like I am running on empty as Jacob has well and truly hit the dreaded terrible twos, he is waking every day at around 5 am after a few hours of broken sleep and then is grumpy during the day having tantrums and is very clingy. That is probably why I am so unwell as I don't get the chance to rest and get better. I am exhausted and I am living on copious amounts of coffee, my diet has gone out the window (again) as I am living on soups and toast. Anyway as I have been so run down and unwell lately we have not done very much lately, but here is a look at what we got up to in February 2017. 

Personal Life

We had a quiet month in February as a family, Half term was a bit of a let down as I was unwell and the other half has been working funny shifts at work. We had lots of lazy days at home baking and watching films, Trolls is Sophia's current favourite film. We did not have any proper family days or meals out this month, just little trips to soft-play and McDonald's, the little two adore these kind of days. 

I was lucky enough to receive tickets to see Cirque Du Soleil when it was in Newcastle recently and I took my teen Chloe with me. We really enjoyed the show as it was something that I had always wanted to see. Myself and the other half visited Dobson & Parnell for our monthly date night, which I highly recommend if you are looking for somewhere to dine in Newcastle. I somehow managed to lose 5.5lb at Slimming World this month which has kept me motivated to lose weight, even when all I want to eat is rubbish when I am feeling poorly and sorry for myself. 

Dobson and Parnell Newcastle main meal of cod

Now Christmas is out of the way we have been busy getting lots of new things for the house which has been really nice. We had new blinds fitted throughout the house this month and a new shower fitted, I can't wait to have everywhere finished and how we want. I am so impatient and just want everything done straight away, if only things were that simple. 

Blog Life

Despite rarely blogging lately I have still managed to stay in the Tots 100 for the fifth month now, I have dropped the last two months but it is still nice to know my blogs going in the right direction. The start of the year is normally fairly quiet blog-wise as it is the end of the financial year, I only took on one sponsored posts but I really liked having a break from them and it give me the chance to catch up on little admin jobs that I always put off, like checking broken links and getting my accounts in order etc. 

Tapas revolution Newcastle press event

I was invited to a preview night of newly opened Tapas Revolution In Newcastle at the start of the month which was great fun. I spent the event with some super lovely local bloggers like Emma from Canny Food and it was a fun evening. I was lucky enough to receive press tickets for Cirque Du Soleil and I have enjoyed working with Thaikun again, this time to giveaway a family meal - go enter!

I have also been working with the brilliant Talk to Mums again lately on a Knorr campaign which I have been enjoying. If you haven't heard me mentioning Talk to Mums before they are a company who employ us mums to hand out samples of products to our mum friends and find out what they think. I have been handing out samples of Knorr Naturally Tasty Spaghetti bolognese and seeing what other mums from the school runs, groups we go to etc think of it.

The Knorr Naturally tasty range is made from natural ingredients, things that you would use at home to make bolognese such as black pepper and garlic. There is no hidden nasty ingredients, just wholesome natural goodness. Using one of these recipe mixes saves so much time when cooking, as it is super quick and easy to make. The bolognese tastes really tasty too and is full of flavour, we will certainly be buying it again in the future. If you know me in real life or live local to me then just let me know and I will give you a sample as I still have some left. 

I think because February is such a short month the month seems to have flown over super fast, does anyone else think this year has flown by? We may not have done a lot this month but we had lots of lovely family time together and you just can't beat that. How was your month? 


  1. Hope you feel better soon. You still managed to fit quite a lot in. Hope March is better for you

  2. Hope you are feeling back to your normal self soon pet. Your February has kinda mirrored mine, I've barely blogged and haven't felt great either. Here's to the both of us getting our blogging mojo back soon x

    1. Thank you Lauren, I am just sick of being sick now and I am so grumpy. I hope you feel better soon too. Hopefully we will both get back into it soon. xx


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