Tuesday 1 December 2015

November 2015

Can you believe that is now December? This whole year seems to have totally flown over and I can not believe that we are now almost at the end of the year. I am so looking forward to Christmas this year as my little two are that little bit older now, even though they still will not fully understand what is going on I know their little faces along with their big sisters will be full of amazement when they see 'Santa has been'. 

I am also looking forward to putting our Christmas tree up, visiting Santa and Fenwick's window and watching lots of Christmas films whilst drinking hot chocolate all snug and cosy at home. 

Anyway enough of me babbling away, here is a look back at what we got up to in November. I love doing these monthly round-up posts as a way to look back on what we have been up to, it really does not seem like a whole month since I wrote last month's.

bridge over tyne

Personal Life

I turned 32 in November, I can't believe I am actually that old now it seems a bit strange saying that as I keep thinking I am actually 25 or something. To celebrate the other half took me out for a meal at Blackfriars which was really yummy and a much welcome break from mummy duties. I received some lovely gifts (hello new blog design) and birthday pennies which I still need to get around to spending. Does anyone else always struggle to spend money on themselves and not their children when they have some extra pennies, or is that just me? 

steak and chips meal

Chloe returned to the hospital for a follow-up appointment after her surgery and I am so thankful she got the all clear and has been discharged from the hospital now. I feel like I have hardly seen her this month as she is out almost every weekend and when she gets in from school she likes to spend time in her room face timing her friends or watching Zoella videos on YouTube, such a typical teenager. 

Sophia is still really enjoying nursery and all is going well at home on the potty training front, although we still need to work on being dry when outside of the home. She seems to have come on a lot more lately with her talking and is saying new words every day, she is still not saying as much as she should be for her age so is seeing a speech therapist next week. This month she had her first visit to the cinema with her daddy and is also loving the Little Mermaid (a girl after my own heart). 

Jacob is now 15 months old and is developing such a cute little personality, he is such a chatterbox and joker who loves playing peekaboo. The big news is that he actually sleeps all night now! I am amazed as I honestly thought that he would never sleep all night, it is amazing getting a full nights sleep after all this time. 

Blog Life

The big news in blog life is that my little space on the Internet has had a makeover from the amazing Ellie Illustrates, I am so happy with how it looks and I finally feel like my blog is 'me'. I still have a few little things to change such as updating pages and photos but I finally feel happy and proud of my little blog and I now love blogging again. 

I have started catching up on my blogging backlog and I am starting to feel more organised and like I know what kind of direction I want my blog to go in now, so keep an eye out for some changes in the new year. This month I shared my favourite places to visit in Newcastle and it has made me realise I want to show a bit more of what a great city I live in. 

In November we shared a rather cute post on Sylvanian families which remind me so much of my own childhood. 

synlvanian family and car

We reviewed an amazing Fisher-Price Trike that will make the perfect toddler Christmas gift, my one-year-old absolutely adores it. We also reviewed a very cute dog shaped night light and some gorgeous Mickey Mouse books as part of our Paragon book Buddie role. We shared a review of the  Vital baby range as we are part of their #WeaningWarriors team and have agreed to take part in the Pampers Baby Dry challenge

green fisher price trike

So that is what we have been up to in November, a quieter month than October as we have been spending a lot of time indoors due to the bad weather. Last month I vowed to blog every day In November and guess what? Once again I failed but I did blog more then I have any other month which is a step in the right direction. I also failed on every other goal I set for the month so I am not setting myself any goals for December as I predict that I will be very busy shopping, wrapping gifts and making Christmas magical for my children. 

So that was are November, how was yours? 


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