Tuesday 8 December 2015

Buddy The Elf's Adventures Week One

Last week we welcomed Elf on the shelf to are home for the first year, as I mentioned in last weeks post I brought the Elf back in the summer as I thought it would be a nice tradition to have in our household. Last week our Elf arrived with the children's advent calendars and a storybook about who he was. My eldest decided to call him Buddy and my two-year-old toddler adores him and is always blowing him kissing and shouting his name, which is very cute.

The first week with Buddy the Elf has been a success as it is fun setting him up the night before (thank you Pinterest for the inspiration) and I love seeing my toddler Sophia look for Buddy each morning. I have not planned anything elaborate and have kept things fairly simple a toddler-friendly, I thought I would share with you what Buddy has been up to in his first week at our house just in case you are after some ideas for your own Elf.

elf on the shelf

Day one Buddy arrived with the advent calenders and the story book he came with telling the story of who he was and where he came from.

elf on the shelf day one

Day two Buddy was busy writing Christmas cards out and had brought some for my girls to send to their friends at school and nursery.

Elf on the shelf writing Christmas cards

Day three was a bit of a fail as I totally forgot to move him and the other half just plonked him on the mirror before he went to work. The toddler has decided this is now where Buddy 'sleeps' during the day.

elf on mirror

Day four Buddy made some new friends and was reading them a Christmas themed bedtime story.

Elf on the shelf reading a story to toys

Day five my eldest who is 13 set Buddy up with an ELC Santa set and lots of cotton wool snow, excuse the rubbish photo.

Elf on the shelf with santa toy

Day six Buddy decided he wanted to toast some snowmen marshmallows over the Yankee candle on a stick.

Elf on the shelf toasting a marshmallow on a stick on a candle

Day seven Buddy had a movie night and was found on the sofa eating a bowl of popcorn with the TV remote.

Elf on the shelf having popcorn and watching a movie

So that is what Buddy has been up to this week. I know that Elf on the shelf is not to everyone's taste but we are really enjoying having him with us this year. If you are looking for some Elf on the shelf ideas then keep an eye on my Facebook and Instagram pages where I will be posting daily photos of what Buddy is up to.

Do you have an Elf On The Shelf in your house, If so what does he or she get up to?


  1. hehehe! The elf looks like he's having great fun. I really need to blog about what our elf has been up to :D x

    1. I kept forgetting to move are elf, i must remember to move it next year for when they understand more xx


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