Tuesday 22 December 2015

Winter Beauty Tips From Emma Willis And Gillette Venus

Finding time to spend on a beauty regime is practically non-existent now I am a mum of three, long gone are the days I use to spend hours pampering myself for nights out. Even though I am short on time I do still like to make a little bit of an effort with my appearance, but like most women, I find that I make less effort than normal in the winter. As let's face it we are all nice and cosy in warm jumpers and too busy eating our own body weight in chocolates and mince pies at this time of year to worry things like shaving our legs and spending time on beauty treatments (or maybe that is just me). 

I also find that during the winter months my hair and skin could do with a little more TLC as it gets so dry from the central heating and not enough sunshine and fresh air. If like me you could do with a few tips on improving your beauty regime in the cold winter months then help is on hand. Mum and TV presenter/model Emma Willis has teamed up with Gillette Venus to share her beauty tips for winter which you can find out about in the video below. 

Emma's top tips are 

  • Turn down the central heating and make sure you shower in warm and not red hot water to prevent your skin from becoming dehydrated.
  • Find a moisture's with vitamin C to help brighten your skin.
  • Shave regularly with Venus embrace sensitive razors, as shaving exfoliates skin which prevents it from looking dull.
I am a fan of Gillette Venus razors as I am not a fan of waxing, the Venus prevents cuts and irritation due to its five spring-mounted blades and ribbon of moisturiser with a touch of aloe. They leave my legs silky smooth and having smooth legs always makes me feel more confident, especially during the festive party season. 

Venus celebrity beautician Nathalie agrees saying

"Beautiful, touchable smooth skin is always on trend, whether it's peeking out from under a party dress or wrapped up under woolly tights. As the season changes so does your skin's needs, it's important to choose beauty products tailored to its requirements: the Venus Embrace Sensitive is perfect for the winter months when the harsh weather and central heating can cause dry, irritated skin that needs some extra TLC."

So there we have to stay looking and feeling beautiful this Christmas make sure to de-fuzz, moisturise and avoid red-hot showers. Now if only I could look as utterly gorgeous as Emma Willis, as I certainly never looked that good pregnant. 

You can buy the Venus Embrace Sensitive from leading retailers RRP £10.99 and Venus satin skin care gel is priced at RRP £3.49. 

This is a collaborative post. 


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