Tuesday 30 June 2015

What's In My Changing Bag

When I had my oldest daughter I had a changing bag that came with her pram and it was useless, I could hardly fit anything in as it was so small and it had no storage pockets or anywhere to keep her bottles. It was also made of fabric so if it rained everything got soaking wet inside. When I had my second daughter, two years ago top of my list of must buy items was a decent changing bag. I had my partner demented as I searched online and in shops for hours looking for the perfect bag.

 One bag I kept coming back to was the iconic Pink Lining Yummy Mummy bag, as not only was it practical but it also looked amazing too. So, of course, I had to buy it and I opted for the purple bow one from John Lewis. I even used it for baby's hospital bag as it was so roomy it fitted all her tiny baby clothes and toiletries in. When I fell pregnant again, just five months after having Sophia I had my heart set on another Pink Lining bag as I loved my first one so much and was still using it. As I was having a boy this time I opted for the Blooming Gorgeous woodlands bag.

 My bag is big enough to fit in everything I need for a day out with a just turned two-year-old and a 10-month-old, as it has so many separate useful pockets and compartment and even a wet bag and changing mat included. So here is what is inside my changing bag. 

contents of my changing bag

  • Nappies, Sophia has just turned two and we have not started potty training just yet so I need nappies for both children. Depending where we are going I normally take between 2-4 nappies each.
  • Wipes, these are a staple in every parent changing bag and I think I am a little bit in love with baby wipes as I use them for everything from cleaning bums and sticky hands to wiping highchairs and changing mats.
  • Nappy bags, again these are so useful not only for change time but also for putting empty wrappers or rubbish in when out and about.
  • Spare clothes I have one spare outfit for each child as you never know what kind of mess they can get in when out so it is always best to be prepared, there is a wet bag attached to my bag which is perfect for putting dirty clothing items into.
  • Bib's, Jacob is only 10 months old and he is very dribbly and still makes a lot of mess when eating and drinking so I always have a few bibs in my bag.
  • Beaker of juice each, I never go anywhere without a cup of juice or water for both of them especially when the weather is warm.
  • Bottle of milk for Jacob, he has a bottle to go to sleep and is still napping twice a day so I like to have this just in case he needs a nap.
  • Baby food and a spoon, Jacob does eat fingers foods now but sometimes when we are out I don't know if there will be anywhere I can buy food or if the food will be suitable for him so I always have a jar of baby food and a spoon in my bag, just in case.
  • Suncream, a must in this hot weather for little ones I keep them in the shade as much as possible but when we are at the park that is not always possible so I am always making sure they have plenty of suncream on.
  • Steroid cream for Sophia's eczema she has bad eczema and is always itching so we have to have this with us which was prescribed by the GP. 
  • A book, I like to have something to entertain them when we are out and about so I normally have a book and a few toys in the bag which are great for when you are having a meal or waiting in lines.
  • Hand gel as when you are out and about you cannot always wash your hands so I have this to keep our hand's germ free.
  • I also normally have a selection of snacks such as fruit and baby biscuits that both the baby and toddler can enjoy. 

Like many mums, I have found that I no longer use a handbag as my changing bag has become my changing bag so I will have all of my bits and bobs in the bag too, such as my mobile, keys, purse, hair bobbles and brush and maybe some make-up. Have any of you other parents found that your changing bag is now your handbag? 



  1. I love your bag. I bought the pink lining dragonflies one and I remember that woodland one came out a month or two later and I was gutted because it's so much nicer than mine! x

    1. Thank you , i love it too as it such a lovely design and colour. Oh the dragonfly one is nice too , i love all the pink lining bags every time they bring a new one out i want it xx


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