Sunday 14 June 2015

MamaBabyBliss : A Perfect Fathers Day Gift For A New Dad

Fathers day is just one week away and I have found the perfect gift for a new dad or a dad-to-be, the Daddy's magic bag of bathtime bliss from MamaBabyBliss. This is a cute little bag full of everything daddy and baby will need for a special bathtime bonding experience. 

They say " Research has shown that new dads can feel alienated from the whole parenting experience in those first few months. Bath and Bedtime is a special time where daddy can really get involved and enjoy some special bonding with their baby, which is why MamaBabyBliss has launched the " Daddy's magic bag of bathtime bliss". 

I totally agree with this as every night my partner baths and puts our baby and toddler to bed and he has done since birth, it is his special time with the children that he loves as he does not see them during the day when he is at work. The children love it as they know it is their special daddy time and he loves it as he gets time alone with them and it is their special routine that they all look forward to. 

mamababy bliss gift set

The set is perfect for creating a special bath time as it has the award-winning MamaBabyBliss product Splash baby bath wash, this is a bubble bath and you can also use it to wash baby's hair. It smells absolutely amazing as it is lavender and chamomile making it perfect for a night time bath. We have found you only need a small capful of this and it makes great bubbles and leaves baby smelling gorgeous. 

mamababybliss bubble bath

It also contains the award-winning and paediatrician approved Hugs - which is a natural baby oil made from sunflowers, jojoba and peach kernels, it has no nasty chemicals so it is safe and gentle for baby's delicate skin. This is a lovely addition to the set as it can be used for baby massage after the bath. I am a huge baby massage fan and both my little ones attended baby massage classes from being a few weeks old and they both loved it and it helped with my son's colic. I found massage to be such a great way to bond with baby and so relaxing for both parent and baby, so a little massage after bathtime would be a lovely way for a new dad to create a blissful bath time experience with their baby.

mamababybliss baby oil hugs

The set also included a really lovely super soft white fluffy flannel and a yellow rubber duck, everyone knows it wouldn't be bathtime without a rubber duck. There is also a helpful little leaflet which talks you through some massage steps if you are unsure of them. Everything comes in a nice drawstring bag which can be kept and used afterwards as a wash bag, it says on the front Daddy's magic bag of bathtime bliss which I think is rather cute. 

Overall I think that this is a fantastic gift idea and that any dad-to-be or new dad would love it as it is something that he can enjoy with his baby, it could encourage a special bathtime routine like we have and help dad feel useful and get some much-needed one on one time with his new child. Everything in the bag is of a high quality and looks and smells utterly amazing and is nice and kind and gentle on baby's skin. I really love this little bag and I know that if I was to get my partner something like this for Fathers Day he would like it. 

fathers day gift set of baby products

You can buy a one of these Daddy's Magic Bag Of Bathtime Bliss priced at £23.00 from the MamaBabyBliss website , they also sell a range of gifts and you can find out about local pregnancy yoga, baby massage and baby yoga classes that they run too. 

* Disclosure: I received a Daddy's Magic Bag Of Bathtime Bliss free of charge for the purpose of this review. 


  1. Even the name sounds relaxing, magic bag of bathtime bliss! love it x

    1. It really does doesn't it , such a lovely product and perfect for a treat for a new dad and baby xx

  2. What a lovely gift idea for new dads! My boys are a little old to be having a bath with dad but I'll keep this in mind for my friends who will soon be fathers! :)

    Great post. xx

    1. Thank you Morgan, it really is a lovely gift for new dads and smells amazing xx


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