Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Dreaming Of A Full Night's Sleep

I have not had a full night of uninterrupted sleep in over two years now, to say that i am exhausted would be an understatement as i constantly feel tired and grumpy every single day. If you read my blog regular you will know the reason for my lack of sleep is having two children so close together in age. I fell pregnant with my son when my daughter was only five months old and by the time she was sleeping through the night i was too heavily pregnant to sleep myself. 

The newborn day's are behind us now as my baby boy is now nine months old and really he should be sleeping through the night and letting me get such much needed rest, but lately his sleeping habits have been worse then when he was a newborn baby. He goes to sleep in his cot no problem at all at around 7 pm and sleeps soundly for a few hours, then he starts waking up during the night normally around four times and then he is waking up at 5 am thinking it is playtime and no matter what we try to do he will not go back to sleep. 

We have tried changing him, feeding him, putting him in our bed with us, giving him milk, giving him a dummy, putting him to bed later and even moving his cot. Nothing at all has worked, we are so tired as this has been happening for a couple of months now. I am living on copious amounts of coffee to get through each day and i am finding i am too tired to stay up on an evening to do anything. 

Something we have been thinking about is maybe the light is waking him up now that summer is here and the mornings are getting lighter, we have blinds and thick curtains in his bedroom and his cot is away from the window but the room still gets light early. We have been discussing getting a blackout blind for his bedroom window to see if this will help with his sleeping pattern as he use to sleep until at least 7.30 before the mornings got lighter. 

I have been searching online to have a look at blackout blinds and i came across VELUX a brand who are well known for their high quality products. They have a very cute range of Disney blinds with much loved characters such as Winnie the Pooh, Cinderella and Planes which would be perfect for a child's bedroom. But i really like the look and sound of the ITZALA range as they sound just what we are looking for. They offer almost complete darkness and are very easy to use, come in three different colour choices and also come with a two year guarantee and best of all they are very affordable which is great for us as we are planning on moving home in the near future so we do not want to spend a lot of money. 

I think that these blinds will be the perfect solution to my baby boys sleep problems and hopefully we will all be getting a good nights sleep with no more 5am wake ups, as this mummy is defiantly missing sleep. Do you use a blackout blind with your children and have you found they help ? I would love to know. 



  1. Its really hard going with out sleep isn't it. My son is now 2 and only wakes about once a night now. We co-sleep because at 15 weeks I was like "no i am not doing this whole 2 hours of wrestling him back into the cot thing" baby number 2 is due next month... back to sleepless nights eek!

    1. It really is my son is 9 months and he keeps waking for milk to settle him back to sleep and he wakes so early ( between 4.30-5.30 ) every single morning. I co slept with my oldest and she use to love it and slept all night from being a few months old so fingers crossed that you get a good sleeper this time around xx


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