Saturday 25 April 2015

Slimming World: Week Two

I have found my second week on Slimming World easier than my first as I have not been craving chocolate and crisps as much as I did in my first week. I am actually really enjoying eating lots of fruit and salads now that the weather is getting warmer.

After I got weighed last week I did go off track a bit and I did eat a ham salad baguette with mayonnaise on from Gregg's and a cake but I synned them and got straight back on track and have found that I have stuck to plan all week. I have also found that I have been using less syns this week simply because I have been too full of all the meals and free foods that I have been eating to want anything else. I have mainly been using my syns on sauces to go with my food and the odd packet of crisps. 

ham and egg salad

This week I have eaten a lot of salads I have eaten steak salad, ham salad and turkey salads. I have also had salt and pepper chicken as it so tasty, chilli, roast gammon and I tried diet coke chicken which was delicious. 

I was really hoping for a 2.5 lb loss this week so that I would get my half a stone award and I was overjoyed on Thursday morning when I got weighed and seen that I had, in fact, lost exactly 2.5 lb meaning I have lost 7 lb in total. I got my first half a stone certificate and sticker and I am still slightly amazed that I have lost half a stone in just two weeks and have never once felt hungry or like I am dieting. 

half stone slimming world award

I could not stay to class this week as I had both the little ones with me as the other half was at work so I had no one to watch them, and there was no way I could have stayed to class with an 8 and 22-month-old, they would have caused destruction and screamed the place down. I find staying to class helps motivate me and inspires me so I am hoping that I can stay on track and still get a loss this week.

 I am hoping for another 2lb off this week although I am not getting my hopes up as I know that this week will be a star week and my chocolate and bread cravings will come back with a vengeance. But I am going to try and drink more water as I know I don't drink enough and everyone was saying last week that they had a good loss after drinking lots of water. I am also going to try and eat more speed foods and try some more new recipes so I don't get bored of eating the same things all the time. 

You can find out more about Slimming World and find your nearest class on their website



  1. Wow, that is some loss! Well done x

  2. Woohoo 7lb!! You're doing so well and that meal looks lovely - my perfect kind of summer meal :) x

  3. I'm not familiar with SW because I do WW. You've done great to lose 1/2 stone so quickly. Will have to consider a move over to SW. Keep up the hard work :)

  4. 7lbs in two weeks... that's amazing!!! Well done, you'll be at target in no time!! Xxx

  5. Yeah! Super well done on your half stone award. You are flying. Good luck for this week xxx

  6. Well done! That looks like a lovely plate of food. I agree that staying to class is hugely important - it make such a difference.

  7. Fantastic well done on reaching the half stone mark

  8. Awww well done on achieving your half stone chick, that is fantastic news! That salad looks absolutely delicious and very filling! Really need to look into SW more to see if it could help me! Sim #WeightLossWednesday x

  9. Well done, i still need to try the salt & pepper chicken! #slimmingworldsunday


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