Wednesday 15 April 2015

Bennetts Baby Skincare Products Review

When you have a baby you do everything you can to protect them and when it comes to bath time you only want to use the best skincare products on them, as you know that they have such delicate skin. My two girls both suffer from eczema and that puts my baby boy at a risk of developing this himself, so I am extra careful with what products I use on his skin. 

So when I was asked if I would like to review some Bennett's Baby skincare products which are suitable for eczema prone skin I thought these would be ideal for his delicate sensitive skin. I had never heard of Bennett's baby skincare products before but they are the best selling baby skin care brand in South Africa and were established over fifty years ago. 

Bennetts skincare baby products

I was sent two products Baby Aqueous cream and Aqueous bath drops and also a sample of Baby Bum Cream, which I have not used as my little ones have not needed it. They are all in identical packaging of plain white containers with simple designs on making them easily recognisable that they are from the same brand. All the products in the range have been specially formulated by a British pharmacist and are created to be gentle enough even for newborns delicate skin and even those who are prone to eczema. 

Baby Aqueous Cream

Bennetts tub of baby aqueous cream

This came in a big 500ml tub and we were sent the colour and fragrance-free one but there is a fragranced version available as well. It is a plain white cream which obviously being fragrance-free has no scent. It is a really thick rich cream but it absorbs into skin really quickly and has no greasy residue that some baby creams can have. I used this on Jacob after his bath and it left his skin really nice and soft and it made mummy's hands nice and soft too. 

You can even dissolve a spoonful of this to your baby's bath to help prevent dry and flaky skin but I have not tried it myself. This cream does seem really soft and gentle on skin, even though this is suitable for eczema prone skin I have not used it on my toddler as she is on steroid creams for it off the doctor. But I normally get irritate skin after using some lotions on my hands and I have not suffered any reaction at all of using this cream. 

Aqueous Bath Drops

bottle of Bennetts baby bath drops

I use to use bath drops in my oldest daughters bath when she was a baby as she used to get them prescribed off the doctor due to her eczema so I kind of knew what to expect with these. They are fragrance-free and hypoallergenic and it's just an oil that you add to the bath. Years ago when I use to use bath oils they made Chloe really slippy and greasy but these bath drops were not like that they soaked into Jacobs skin and there was no greasiness. 

It has no smell and it is just a clear oil and you can even use it to rub straight into baby's skin for a massage. I have even used this on my toddler who sufferers eczema and it nice and gentle on her skin and has not irritated her skin at all which i was really impressed with. Just make sure you don't wash your baby's hair if it is long when you have this in the bath as we did and her hair went all greasy. But it is really good and i will be buying some more of this as it brilliant and a lot more affordable then some other brands we have brought in the past. 

You can buy the Bennett's range of products in the UK from Morrisons and independent pharmacies and also online at Amazon. 

* Disclosure: I was sent some Bennett's baby skincare products for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own honest account of the products we received. 


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