Wednesday 8 April 2015

A Weight Loss Letter To Myself

Dear Lindsay

You have been thinking of writing yourself this letter for some time, but you always put it off. I am not sure if it shame that is stopping you or if it just laziness and the fact you are scared of change, but it is time to face facts and admit you are fat. Not just fat but really overweight, you are classed as obese and it is time to do something about it as your weight is getting you down.

It might sound totally crazy to write yourself a letter and publish it on the Internet, that is if you even press publish. But hopefully, by writing this letter and admitting you have a weight problem you will face up to facts and actually start doing something about it. Start eating healthy, start getting active and losing all this baby weight that is getting you down. I know you have never been skinny and you never will be and you're okay with that. You just want to lose your tummy and slim down a bit, be healthier and happier in your own skin.

You can not keep using the excuse you have just had a baby any more as your baby is now seven months old. And I am sure that you have gained weight since his birth, not lost any which is rather shocking really as you gained almost four stones in weight when pregnant. Although you have avoided the scales and have no idea what you actually weigh any more. You still look pregnant now and your tummy is something you are really unhappy with as it is a proper jelly belly since having baby number three.

Yes, it is hard trying to lose weight when you have three children to look after and you often reach for the biscuits and crisps as you do not have time to sit down and eat some days. I think you thought that you would just magically lose all your baby weight after Jacob was born, like you did with both your girl's. But two pregnancies only six months apart and with surgery on your stomach in between those two pregnancies has not been at all kind to your waistline.

Your life is on hold due to your weight, you keep putting things off due to your weight. You have no photo's of you and your children recently as you hate the way you look, that's not normal. None of your normal pre-baby clothes fit any more and are all packed away, you live in leggings and high waisted jeans as they don't dig into your tummy. You even contemplated wearing your old maternity jeans recently for comfort but thought that was going a step too far.

 At your son's christening, you were in tears and nearly cancelled going as none of your pretty dresses fitted any more and the one you bought online emphasised to you just how big your tummy was. You were self-conscious all day, a far cry to Sophia's christening just one year beforehand where you wore a dress everyone loved and everyone commented on how nice you looked as you lost all your baby weight as soon as Sophia's was born without even trying.

The fact that your blood pressure was so dangerously high and the doctors were pumping you full of drugs and saying you were at risk of a bleed to the brain when you gave birth to your son should have been a wake-up call to get healthy. But you just put it down to having high blood pressure in all your labours, you did with both the girls and you were a normal weight when you had them. Yes your blood pressure is normal when not pregnant but your mum and dad both suffered high blood pressure, do you really want to be on blood pressure medication at only 31 years old?.

There is a history in your family of women dying young, your dad lost his mum to a stroke when he was young and you never got to meet her. And you lost your own mum when you were young and she was only 44 years old, yes she died in a freak accident, but you know what it is like growing up without a mum, how hard it is and you don't ever want that for your own children it is one of your biggest fear's in life. So you need to be healthy for them.

You don't want to be the fat mum at the school gate or the parent to scared to go on roller coasters in case they get stuck. You want to take Jacob and Sophia swimming like you use to with Chloe but now you are too ashamed to be seen in a swimming costume. You want to be there for your children, a fun mum who has lots of energy who they will have lots of fun with. You want to set them good examples, encourage them to eat healthily and be active. You want them to be proud of you and never ashamed. It is time to change for your children's sake and be the mum you want to be.

Every Monday you say to yourself  "I will start a diet this week" but by lunchtime, you have forgotten all about it and have eaten four biscuits and two packets of crisps. But you shrug it off and think oh I will start again next week and the same thing happens week after week. You are getting nowhere losing weight on your own, you need the motivation and inspiration to stick to a diet. You know that liquid diets will not work as you love food too much and hate feeling hungry.

So tomorrow you are joining Slimming World, you are feeling nervous and scared about attending. But you need to go, you have been before years ago and you know how friendly and welcoming it is. You know to lose weight you need to go to class and change your eating habits once and for all. You can do this Lindsay, you have to now you have told everyone on the Internet you are going too. It is time to be happy, time to be the happy confident mum that you have always wanted to be and time to actually get some photos of yourself with your children.

If your mum was hear you know that this is exactly what she would say to you, so follow the advice. Be brave go to class and I just know you will lose weight and be glad you went.

Lots of Love

Lindsay x



  1. Hope your letter to yourself helps keep you motivated and good luck with your Slimming World journey.

  2. oh good luck Lindsay - I am sure you can do it xxxxx

    1. Thank you sam, i am hoping by sharing the fact i am on a diet online will spur me on to keep on it xx

  3. Aww this is such a beautiful and emotional letter. I bet it was a hard one to write. Really hope your weight loss journey goes well. I have three children too and it was really hard after the third one to lose the weight. I still have some to go and he's a year old now! I found the Deliciously Ella blog and book really good, loads of super healthy ideas in that one. Be kind to yourself though and take it easy. xx

    1. Oh i have never heard of that blog before i will have to take a look at it. I have found the weight is much harder to lose after the third it was easy after the first two. Thank you for your kind words xx


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