Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Shuffle & Giggle Tiddlytubbies Review

This year iconic children's TV show the Teletubbies celebrate their 20th anniversary! It is safe to say the show is still as popular now as it was back then. My eldest daughter used to adore the show almost 15 years ago and my younger two children enjoy the show now, it is so nice seeing my youngest enjoy something my eldest loved as it brings back lovely memories. The biggest change to the show over the years has been the introduction of the rather cute Tiddlytubbies back in 2015, these cute baby Teletubbies are big hits with tots.

shuffle and giggle Tiddletubbie Ping

We were recently sent a Tiddlytubbie of our own and my children fell in love with it instantly. We were sent the Shuffle & Giggle Ping toy which is a purple/pink coloured, baby crawling Tiddlytubbie, she is extremely cute. This toy is recommended for children aged 18 months +, I did think maybe my children might be a bit too old for this toy as they are 4 and just turned 3. However, they both loved it, especially my 4-year-old daughter Sophia.

Shuffle & Giggle Ping is a really fun and interactive toy as if you press her back she will start crawling/ shuffling along the floor, much to my children's delight. Ping will also babble and giggle away, thankfully it is not annoying like some toys, in fact, it is rather sweet. Ping is super cute and appealing to children, she is made from a really soft material, has a really friendly face and the tell-tale Teletubbie antenna on her head.

Shuffle and giggle PIng Teletubby

My children have loved playing with the Shuffle & Giggle Ping Tiddlytubbie, they press her back and watch her crawl and have fun chasing her around the room. They also like treating her like a baby and pushing her around in the pram and cuddling her. We have had Ping for a couple of weeks now and they still enjoy playing with her daily and have not got bored of her yet, always a good sign.

I think that young Teletubbies fans will really like this Shuffle & Giggle Tiddlytubbie. I imagine if you have a little one who is crawling or starting to toddle they will have so much fun chasing this toy around. My children were at the top end of the age bracket for this toy but they still really enjoy playing with it. 

The Shuffle & Giggle Tiddlytubbies by Character Toys is available from all leading toy retailers with an RRP of £24.99.

Disclosure I was sent this toy for the purpose of this review, however, all opinions are my own. 


  1. The build quality on that tubby looks excellent! That kid clearly LOVES that toy!

  2. Love the last photo. That cuddle is the cutest! My daughter used to watch Teletubbies when she was younger :)

  3. I remember Tellytubbies from the first time around, but I've never heard of Tiddlytubbies. They look pretty cute though, no wonder they are popular!

  4. Ooh mine all loved the telly tubbies but I haven't heard of these! They do look super cute!

  5. I can not believe teletubbies have been around for 20 years now, I hope when I have kids they will like it as much as I did growing up. Lovely tiddlytubbies

  6. 20 years?! How did that happen?! Fab toy - Soph would love this as she is a big tiddlytubbies fan! x

  7. My son is 20 and I remember queuing for the toys at Christmas as it was all he wanted. Shuffle & Giggle Tiddlytubbies looks cute

  8. Ah man this looks so cute!!! My kids would love this! I remember teletubbies the first time round! x

  9. The Tiddly Tubby is absolutely gorgeous. I used to love watching Teletubbies as a child x


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