Wednesday 8 January 2020

Things I Loved December 2019

We are now a week into 2020 and after a lovely break from the online world over the festive period I am back blogging and I feel so much better after the break. 2019 was a bit of a mixed bag for us, the first half of the year was good and we got married in the summer which was the highlight of the year for us. However, the second half of the year was not so great and as a result, this blog was majorly neglected but now I am back and I am going to blog more often again as I have missed it. 

One thing that I did manage to do each month last year was write my monthly 'things I loved' posts, as these are a nice way to record the happy moments from the month gone by. Even when you have had a rubbish month there are always things to be thankful for and that made you happy and these posts are my way of recording the happy moments. So let's have a look at the things I loved in December 2019. 

sea at whitley bay beach

1.) Christmas 

Of course, the highlight of December is always Christmas, I love it so much more as a parent as it is so magical seeing the magic of Christmas through your children's eyes. My children are 17,6 and 5 and whilst the teen obviously no longer believes in Santa the little two truly believe and their excitement is infectious and gets us all excited for the big day. 

This Christmas we stayed at home, just the five of us and it was lush and just what we all needed. The teen got a laptop, Sophia got a bike and Jacob a Nintendo switch as their main gifts. We stayed in our pj's all day (something we never do) and had a yummy Christmas dinner at home before a lazy afternoon of watching films, playing with new toys and spending time together as a family. I loved every second of it and I am looking forward to next Christmas already so we can do it all again. 

2.) Christmas Activities 

In the run-up to Christmas the children attended so many festive activities they went for breakfast with Santa, Christmas parties, carol services, school nativities and parties and visits to see Santa. They loved everything, although it felt like we were never home as we were out every weekend in December. 

3.) Children Off School

I really loved having the children off school for two weeks over Christmas, it was nice sending time with them and having a very much needed break from the school run and after school clubs. We did not do a lot as they were happy to stay home and play with their new toys and watch movies all day. It was so relaxing and I think it has done all of us so much good. 

4.) Panto

This year we were invited to so many pantomimes but sadly we could not attend many as we just did not have time due to work and the children's activities. But we made it to two and Sophia absolutely loved them she is still talking about them now a month later! 

5.) Festive Tales At Woodhorn

We were invited to Woodhorn Museum to experience festive tales with Father Christmas in December and it was fab! Father Christmas read the Polar Express, each child got a gift of a book and then we were free to explore the museum, park and ice rink. It was a really lovely day out that the children really enjoyed. 

outdoor ice rink at woodhorn museum

6.) New Sofas 

We got a new sofa at the start of December and it is so much better, it is a corner sofa so it makes sitting together as a family to watch a film so much cosier. It has totally changed the look of our living room and made it more homely as our lounge and dining room are together so the new sofa helps separate the two rooms. 

7.) You Season 2

In between Christmas and New Year, I binge-watched the latest series of You on Netflix. At first, I wasn't so keen but in the end, I actually liked it a lot more than season one. A must-watch if you haven't seen it yet. 

8.) Time Off Work

The husband had a week off over Christmas and it was so nice to have him home as he has been working loads in the run-up to Christmas. It makes such a difference having him around as sometimes we hardly see him as he works shifts. 

9.) Looking Back On 2019

At the end of the year, I always look back on the year has gone by and 2019 wasn't great. The first half of the year was lush and we got married in the summer which was amazing but after the wedding, everything started to go a bit wrong. It wasn't all bad though and we still had some lovely moments but I am hoping that 2020 is a much better year for us. 

10.) New Year Plans 

We have so much planned for 2020, we have a two week holiday in Greece booked for the summer and a few little mini-breaks planned. We have some home renovation to do, so we will hopefully be finished with the house - two rooms left to decorate, the garden and lots of finishing touches are all that is left to do. I am hoping to finally bite the bullet and start driving this year and I have lots of plans for blogging. We have so many plans and I am determined to make sure 2020 is as amazing as it has the potential to be for us. 

So those are some of the things that I loved in December 2019, what was your December highlights? 



  1. Happy New Year! Like you, we stayed at home with just the four of us this Christmas, and we also have a new corver sofa. It was very relaxed and snuggly!

    1. Happy New Year to you too, I hope you have a wonderful 2020 x

  2. Aww what a lovely December you've had and it's so nice to round it all up like this! I also enjoyed having my daughter off school and spending some quality time as a family :)

    1. It is so nice having all the family home and break from the school routine isn't it xx

  3. Congratulations on getting married last year. Love the idea of doing a monthly post to celebrate the good things. Life rushes by these days, so it's great to record the highs. Xx

  4. Oh wow sounds like you have been busy too. We went to several pantos and all were fab xx

  5. Happy New Year sorry to hear the second Half of the year wasn’t great for you. I really hope that 2020 is amazing. Sounds like you have load of things planed. I always like to get a holiday booked in to look forward to

    1. Happy New Year to you too, hope 2020 is a lovely year for you. I totally agree it is always nice having a holiday to look forward too xx

  6. Ahh Its always lovely to look back over the month, it sounds like you did lots of lovely festive things! I cant wait to hear about Greece, i've never been and am dying to go! I really want to learn to drive in 2020 too but I say it every year and it never happens! xx

    1. I am exactly the same, I have been saying I am going to learn to drive for the past 17 years and still can't. xx

  7. Oh its so nice to look back over the month and focus on all the things you love. December is the best time for family time, lots of lovely things. I too enjoyed having the kids around


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