Monday 20 January 2020

10 Netflix Shows Worth Binge-Watching

I don't know about you but January is a month where we spend a lot of time at home as the weather is a bit rubbish and we are a bit skint after Christmas. I am such a home-body though and actually like staying at home although it can get boring at times I do love nothing more than getting cosy on the sofa on an evening when the children are in bed and binge-watching a series on Netflix. At the moment I don't have any series to watch so if you have any recommendations of must-see Netflix shows then be sure to let me know in the comments below. 

If you too are looking to get stuck into a new Netflix series then here are ten Netflix series that I have enjoyed binge-watching over the past few months. 

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1.) You 

I think most people know about this show and I watched season one at the start of last year and enjoyed it but I didn't love it. I watched season two over the New Year and loved it! I was hooked and binge-watched it over a couple of nights. 

If your unsure what You is then it is an American psychological thriller series. About bookshop worker Joe who becomes a tad obsessed with his latest love interest with shocking and devastating consequences. The show is clever with lots of twists, turns and unexpected events and you will watch on wondering what on earth is going to happen next. 

2.) Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina 

Growing up I loved watching Sabrina, well she is back but not as we know her from our childhoods. See Sabrina grow up and discover more of her witchy side whilst also trying to keep her mortal life too. It is dark, it is creepy and like the title suggests it is chilling. Season one was ok, season two was brilliant and season three is released this week (end of January 2020). 

3.) Queen Of The South

This is the most recent series I have watched on Netflix after seeing a few people recommend it on social media. It is totally not the kind of show I would normally watch but I really enjoyed it and binge-watched the three series in just over a week. It is about a Mexican drug cartel and it is half set in Mexico and half in America. It follows Teresa as she flees Mexico after the murder of her boyfriend by his drug cartel boss, she gets kidnapped by a rival cartel and ends up working her way up to become a cartel boss herself. 

It is gripping, fast-paced and actually really interesting and easy to binge-watch. 

4.) Good Girls 

Good Girls is an American crime/ comedy series starring Christina Hendricks. It is about three friends who have money problems and end up robbing a store and getting muddled up in money laundering and with a crazy criminal who tries to get them to do his dirty work for him. There is two series and a third is due out soon and it is funny and worth a watch. 

5.) Mindhunter

Another American criminal thriller series that I watched last year is Mindhunter which is set in the '70s and based on a true crime book. It is about two FBI agents who attempt to interview and understand serial killers by interviewing infamous American serial killers in jail in a bid to understand them and see if it can help them solve future murder cases. 

I will be honest it took me a while to get into this show and it was slow in places but once I did I found it interesting and if true crime is your thing then it is worth a watch. 

6.) Dead To Me

An American show about recent widow Jen is on a quest to find out who killed her husband in a hit and run and she meets Judy at a grief support group. The two women soon bond and become friends but all is not as it seems and Judy is hiding a secret that could cause devastation for Jen. While the basis of the show is a bit sad it is also funny in places and I am looking forward to seeing what happens in series 2 later in the year. 

7.) Unbelievable

Based on a true story this is about a teenage girl who reports a rape and is initially not believed. Two female detectives start investigating another rape in a different area and realise that the rapes are linked and that the teen was telling the truth all along. As a parent to a teenager myself I did find this hard to watch at times, it was heartbreaking seeing the aftermath of what rape can do to someone and how unfairly she was treated by the police who were meant to protect her. 

8.) What If

Another American thriller (a bit of a pattern going on here) that I enjoyed watching last year was What If staring Renee Zelwegger. It is about a young scientist called Lisa who is struggling to secure funding, a successful businesswomen steps in and offers her the money in exchange for a night with her husband. The show had so many twists to it that I couldn't help but watch it as I never knew what bombshell would be dropped next. 

9.) Orphan Black

I am a bit late to the party on this one as the show first aired back in 2013, however, I watched it on Netflix last year and loved it! It is a sci-fi drama, something that I normally hate but this show was great and I binge-watched all five series over a few weeks. It is about Sarah a tearaway single-mam who grew up in care and moved from London to America as a child. By accident, she witnesses the suicide of someone who looks identical to her and steals her identity only to discover that she is part of a group of clones who are being hunted by the scientist who created them. 

It actually ended up being the best show that I watched in 2019. 

10.) The Umbrella Academy

This is an American Superhero series based on a comic book series, something that I normally have no interest in at all. However, I decided to give The Umbrella Academy a watch and enjoyed it. It is about a group of adopted siblings who reunite to solve their father's death and join forces to try and stop an apocalypse. It is really easy to watch and is perfect for when you just want to watch something light-hearted. 

So those are some of the shows that I have been binge-watching on Netflix the past few months.  I also have a post from last year with ten more Netflix shows I enjoyed if you need some more inspiration. Which has been your favourite? 


  1. I watched all of You over a few days last week and I loved it! It was so bad but I found myself actually liking Joe some of the time.
    Unbelievable was shocking but really good to watch. That poor girl. x

  2. I've had shows on my Netflix watch list for ages and it's taking me a good while to get through them but I've finally made a start. I started with You, I realised when everyone else had started on S2 it was about time I caught up - WOW! I watched the entire two seasons in one weekend.

    I've just started watching Sex Education and that's definitely worth a watch, only a few episodes into season 1 but it is so good - very funny and kinda cute too!

  3. Oooh the only one I've seen out of these is You - I love Netflix and I'm always looking for new shows so thanks for this Lindsay!


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