Tuesday 21 January 2020

One Month Of Trying The DietBon Diet Meals Delivered Service


Every single New Year I make the same resolution, get healthier and lose some weight. Every single year I fail. I have tried every healthy eating plan going and attended slimming groups in the past and I always end up failing for a number of reasons, the main one being lack of time. As a busy, work-at-home mam of three, I struggle to find the time. I normally have something quick like a sandwich for lunch and then I make an evening meal the whole family can enjoy in the evening. When I have previously been on healthy eating plans I found I was cooking two separate evening meals most nights as the children did not like the 'healthy meals' plus I found the healthy meals were expensive or took a long time to prepare. 

So when DietBon got in contact in December and asked if I would like to try out the DietBon diet meals delivered service I decided to give it a go. 

DietBon pasta meal with a side salad

What is DietBon?

So you are probably wondering what is DietBon? Don't worry I wondered the same when I was first contacted as it was not a brand I had heard of before. DietBon is a French brand that delivers diet meals direct to your door. I was sent a month's worth of meals which included breakfast (muesli or pancakes), lunch (a ready meal or soup), evening meal (ready meal), dessert (Chocolate or caramel mouse), snacks (cookies or lemon cake) and teas to drink all I needed to buy was fresh fruit, salad and vegetables to accompany the meals. All ingredients are 100% natural and there was a huge choice of meals available so you don't end up eating the same meals over and over again. 

four DietBon meals in wrappers

The thing that I really liked was that when you sign up to DietBon is that you will get a telephone consultation with a dietician before you start the programme. I found the consultation so useful, it helped prepare me for starting the plan and she also looked at my eating habits and offered lots of useful advice. The plan is designed so that you eat DietBon foods for 6 days and then on the 7th day you have a day off and make your own healthy meals, which stops you feeling restricted and also helps prepare you for making better food choices. It also means that you still get to enjoy meals out with family and friends and maintain your social life on your day off the plan. 

lemon cake from DietBon

The Meals

So what are the meals actually like? I will be honest I was kind of dreading the meals as I am not a fan of ready meals and I thought they would not taste nice. I was wrong as some of the meals are actually really tasty, the meat in all of the dishes was really tender and you actually get a decent portion of meat in each meal and the sauces are really flavoursome although I found a lot of the meals tasted similar. Some of the meals did not look nice at first but once cooked they tasted good. 

DietBon fish meal

Also, the meals are not what you would think 'diet food' would be there are dishes such as risotto, pasta and meatballs, beef stew, chicken with mash and gravy. My favourites were the chicken pasta meals as they were really filling and the chicken was really nice and plentiful in them. 

DietBon evening meal rice dish

The portions are small, well it is a diet after all. However, once you added a side salad or some vegetables then it did bulk them out a bit and I did find some of them rather filling. Some meals I didn't like but most of them I did, but that's just down to personal preference. The good thing was that when I signed up on the website I was able to select meals that I wanted to try so I picked a lot of chicken and pasta type meals and left out a lot of the seafood and veal meals as they are not foods that I eat. 

DietBon main rice meal with a side salad

All of the meals are in individual portions such as in the cereal box you will find individual portion packages, each meal is one portion, the cakes and biscuits are in individual portion-sized wrappers. So no weighing or measuring at all. Another thing I was worried about was where would I store all the meals, however you don't need to keep them in the fridge as you store them at room temperature and then just put them in the microwave for 2 minutes to cook. Making them ideal for taking to work or to prepare super quickly at home. 

bowl of soup from DietBon

How did I get on? 

I will be completely honest and say that I did not 100% stick to the plan. I ate the breakfast, snack and lunch most days however I didn't always stick to the evening meal and I did have a few meals out and bags of crisps that I probably shouldn't have. In just under a month I have lost just over a stone as I lost 15lbs or 1 stone 1lb just by following the plan (loosely) so it does work. I think a lot of my weight loss was down to cutting out bread - I eat a lot and cutting down on snacks and having a proper breakfast and lunch each day in controlled portion size as my portion sizes are normally much bigger.

DietBon cookie snacks

One thing to take note of is the cost as it works out at around £76 per week if you do the plan for a month like I did. If you sign up for a longer plan then the price does come down. If you live on your own then DietBon might work out as good value as all your meals for the month are included and you just need to buy fresh fruit and vegetables, however, as a family, I found it a bit pricey to commit to long-term. But if your looking for a plan to help kick-start healthy eating habits or to follow for a month or two to lose a little weight for a special occasion then DietBon may be for you as it was super simple to follow and it works. 

If you like the sound of DietBon you can get 15% off your first order on one of the diet meal delivery plan's when you click on this link and use the WELCOME code. You will also get a free 28 day morning and night detox tea.

Disclosure I received a month worth of DietBon meals plus I have been paid for this review, however, all opinions are my own. 



  1. Wow that is a great loss in a month. I tried Dietbon for a week and I was really impressed with some of the meals as they were really tasty, but the fish dishes I couldn't get on with. but that's just personal preference. I agree that the plan is really easy to follow, and there is very little thinking x

  2. I think I'd be the same as you and forgo the seafood for the chicken and pasta dishes. I think it's great for portion control and would give them a go if I thought I could lose a decent amount.

  3. Did someone say cookies? But in all seriousness, the meals actually look appetising and varied. Sometimes companies get this so wrong. The portion sizes are great too - I doubt you'd feel like you are scrimping...

  4. Thats a great weight loss! I haven't heard of dietbon before and it looks a good way to get on top of portion control. They do seem to have a good variety of meals


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