Tuesday 11 February 2020

Things I Loved January 2020

Can you believe we are almost half-way through February already? Once again this year is just whizzing on by at super-speed. I had so many good intentions for this year and once again they have been scuppered by ill-health, I honestly don't know what is going on with me lately. I had flu in October which totally wiped me out and I haven't been the same since and now here we are in February and I am unwell again, this time with a bad chest and cold that is zapping all my energy and I just can not seem to shift for the last few weeks. 

Anyway due to feeling rotten and a tad sorry for myself we haven't done a great deal recently if I am honest as Sophia has been poorly too and the husband had an accident at work and has hurt his knee and is off work unable to walk. Which is probably why I am not better really as I haven't had time to properly rest. So to cheer myself up and get out my gloomy mood I thought I would come on here and write something positive about the things that I loved in January 2020. A way to remind myself that even when you're having a bad month that good things can still happen too. 

1.) A New Year

The start of the year is always a time that I like, I am not one for making resolutions (I always break them) but the New Year is a bit of fresh start and I love looking forward to the year ahead. As cheesy as it sounds it is like a blank book full of possibilities and you just never know what the year will bring. I am hoping that 2020 will be kind to our family and that we can make lots more treasured family memories this year, fingers tightly crossed. 

2.)  2020 Plans 

2020 is looking like it will be full of nice things for us as a family, the teen will be turning 18, we will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary and we have a holiday to look forward too. We have a few little breaks booked and the teen will also be off to Iceland with her 6th form later in the year. I am also hoping to learn to drive at long last this year which will mean I can take the children on more days out on my own. 

3.) Changing Holiday

Sadly we had to change our very much needed and planned holiday to Greece which I am a bit gutted about as Greece has been on my travel bucket list forever. There were a few reasons why we had to change our holiday but luckily we managed to change our holiday and we are off to Lanzarote instead on the same dates we were meant to be in Greece. I have been to Lanzarote before when I was a teenager about 20 years ago so it will be interesting to see how much it has changed. 

4.) Holiday Shopping 

When we swapped holidays we ended up getting a refund off our original holiday as the new one is cheaper so I have been doing some holiday shopping. I love holiday shopping as I buy outfits for myself and the children that we normally would not wear, I definitely wear a lot more colour when I go abroad. I also ordered my teen a new passport (her first adult one) and I am on the hunt for some new suitcases. 

5.) Meeting Becky Adlington

We were invited along to meet Becky Adlington the Olympic swimmer at the launch of her new Swim Stars children swimming classes at our local Nuffield Health recently. She was really lovely and spent time talking to the children and the children really enjoyed taking part in a swim lesson. We will be working with Swim Stars over the next few months to see how the little two get on learning to swim.  

6.) Jacob Learning To Swim

Jacob has eventually started swimming lessons and he is really enjoying them. At 5 he is probably a bit late learning to swim but we have had the children on waiting lists for our local swimming pool for about a year, in the end, I give up waiting and put Sophia in private lessons and she really enjoyed them so we signed Jacob up too. Swimming is a life-saving skill so I am really pleased that he is finally learning to swim and hopefully they will both be swimming a bit by the time we go on holiday in May. 

7.) TV Shows

I never normally watch much TV but I have been watching it loads lately as there has been so many good shows to watch. I love Vera as it is set here in the North East and I love spotting local places I know, I have also been watching Whitehouse Farm and we have been watching The Masked Singer and Dancing On Ice as a family. I am hooked on Love Island although it took me a while to get into it this time around. I also really enjoyed Sabrina season 3 and Queen of the south of Netflix. 

8.) Open University 

Back in October, I started studying with the Open University in a bid to finally get my degree finished. I am studying health and social care, concentrating on Mental Health as this is what I used to do before having the little two (I was a mental health support worker). I would like to return to it someday but in a better job than I previously had as it was unsociable hours, and getting a degree is one way of doing that in the future. Getting back into the swing of studying and writing essays has been tough but I am actually really starting to enjoy it and I got 65% in my first assignment which is not too bad (40% is a pass). 

9.) Getting The House Sorted

At the end of last year, I finally finished decorating the lounge and we got new sofas and it has given me the motivation to get the rest of the house sorted. I have been de-cluttering and tidying and as soon as I am better I will be giving all the rooms a fresh lick of paint - they are mainly white which is not a great idea when you have kids as we have little sticky fingerrints everywhere. We have said we are going to concentrate on getting the house all finished and the garden sorted this year as we have been here for 3 years now and we still have lots of little things we need to do to make it all 'ours'. 

10.) Sort Your Sh*t Out Book

Every so often you read a book and it just resonates with you, well this is the book that resonated with me. It is all about de-cluttering your life and basically just getting your act together, it talks a lot of common sense and is packed full of useful tips to help you sort your life out once and for all. Well worth a read if your a bit of hoarder or super disorganised like I am. 

So those are some of the things that I have loved in January 2020. How was your January?  


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