Friday 6 December 2019

Things I Loved November 2019

I feel like such a whinge and a broken record at the moment but the last few months have been tough and November was no exception, it is normally one of my favourite months but this November was rubbish. I feel awful complaining when there are people so much worse off than us but it has been really tough, I have been unwell since October as I can't seem to fully shift this awful virus I have had. We have had huge money worries due to a big and unexpected bill which is not helped when I am owed a lot of blog money which is all late - not what you need close to Christmas when you have your children's gifts to buy.  It sounds dramatic but late payments can be so stressful and it has got to the point that it has made me not want to blog anymore. 

I hate being a negative nancy though so I have been thinking of things that made me happy so here are some of the things I loved in November 2019. 

Santa at the metrocenter artic experience

1.) Metrocenter Christmas Event

At the start of the month, we were invited to the Metrocenter to experience the new Arctic Experience which the children really enjoyed. I was so unwell still but the children had a great time playing in the ball pool, drinking frozen drinks, ice skating and of course meeting Santa. It was nice to have an afternoon out all five of us as it is so rare we all go out together these days as the teen is always busy. 

2.) Birthday 

It was my birthday in the middle of the month, we didn't do anything as we were all still recovering from illness so we just had a lazy day at home and got a takeaway for tea. It was nice to spend time with my family though and I think when you get older you just appreciate being another year older. 

3.) The Teen Started Driving Lessons 

The teen started driving lessons at the start of the month and she really enjoyed her first lesson. I am so glad she is learning to drive at 17 as I really regret not learning when I was her age. Lessons are so expensive but it will be worth it to have her driving next year. 

4.) Fenwicks Window

We love going to see Fenwick's window in Newcastle each year as it always signals Christmas is on its way. I loved going to see it with my parents and now I love that I take my own children each year as they love it as much as I used to. This year was Charlie and the chocolate factory theme and whilst I did not like it as much as previous years it was still nice. 

Fenwicks Christmas window Charlie and Chocolate Factory Newcastle

5.) Frozen 2

On the opening weekend myself and the two girls went to see Frozen 2 at the cinema and we loved it! I honestly think it was better than the first film and it was lovely to do something with the girls together. Sophia adored the film and was so excited to go and see it, as she was just a tiny baby when the first one came out. 

6.) Wedding In A Magazine 

Our wedding was in Your North East Wedding this month which was a bit surreal to see. I have been writing for the magazine this year about wedding planning so I always knew it would be featured but it was still nice to see it in print. It will make a lovely keepsake we can look back on. 

7.) Finally Decorated 

I finally got around to decorating this month, I have painted the lounge/dining room - it has only taking me three years to get round to it! It looks so much better and a lot more 'us' and I can't wait to get all the little finishing touches in place to make it more homely. 

8.) I'm A Celebrity 

I love I'm A Celebrity and have watched it every single year since it started, this year it was good to have Ant and Dec back together and I enjoyed watching the show. I don't really watch a lot of TV but I'm a celeb is one of the few shows that I do watch and when it finishes you always know Christmas is just around the corner. 

9.) Panto

We went to see Jack and the Beanstalk at Whitley Bay Playhouse at the end of the month and we had a great time. The children love Whitley Bay pantos and I always think they are perfect for young families.  We made a day of it going for a walk along the coast, having fish and chips and then enjoying the show, it was a really lovely afternoon. 

10.) Children Are Excited For Christmas 

The children are getting so excited for Christmas and it is lovely to see, now they are 5 and 6 they truly believe in the magic of Christmas. They wrote their Christmas lists out and sent them off and they keep asking 'how many more sleeps until Christmas?'. It is lovely to watch them so excited and hearing them talking about it together. 

So those are some of the things that I have enjoyed this month, looking back it was not all bad as we still had a few nice days out and spent time together as a family which is all that matters. 

How was your November? 

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