Wednesday 13 November 2019

Things I Loved October 2019

October is normally one of my favourite months as I love autumn, the kids get a week off for half-term and it is my eldest's birthday month and we had some lovely things planned. However things did not go to plan as most of the month was hit with illness, meaning October was a bit rubbish if I am honest. I bore the brunt of it and have had the most horrific sickness bug followed by a bad chest which has resulted in me feeling very run-down and sorry for myself for the past three weeks. I was so ill I even missed my teens birthday and I have been feeling all of the mam guilt for that. 

This month I struggled thinking of the things that I have loved this month as so much of the month was taking up with illness and so many things got cancelled. Anyway, we still had some nice moments so here is a look at some of the things I loved in October 2019. 

bowl of chicken tikka curry with boiled rice, nan and mango chutney

1.) Cookhouse Meal

We were invited along to review our local Cookhouse and Pub at Holystone, North Tyneside at the start of the month which we enjoyed. I always think that sometimes you just can't beat comforting pub food and I went for a pub classic of scampi and chips. The kids really enjoyed their meals as it was so child-friendly with colouring sheets, pots of popcorn, favourite meals on the menu and the best bit was that they got to help make their own puddings. 

2.) Disney On Ice

At the very start of the month, we were lucky enough to get press tickets to go and see Disney On Ice at the arena and Sophia thoroughly enjoyed it. This was the fifth time we have taken her to see the show and each year she sits and watches in wonder and has the best time. 

3.) Swimming Lessons

Also at the start of the month, Sophia started swimming lessons at a local privately run pool. We have had her on a waiting list at the local leisure centre for ages without getting a place so we decided to put her in private lessons, they are a bit more expensive (£11 for a half-hour group lesson) but she loves it and her confidence is growing each week. Hopefully, she will be able to swim by the time we go on holiday next summer.  

4.) 17th Birthday

My eldest turned 17 at the end of the month and I was gutted I missed her birthday but I was so ill with a horrific sickness bug I was bed-bound. She still had a nice day (I hope) as she went out for an Indian meal with her grandad and boyfriend and ate lots of chocolate cake. We booked her driving lessons for her birthday and she has her first lesson this week. It is crazy thinking she is old enough to drive and will know how to drive before me (I still haven't passed my test). 

5.) Open University

I started studying with The Open University this month in a bid to finally finish my degree (12 years after first starting it). As it has been so long since I last studied I need to re-do some bits again but I am enjoying studying again and hopefully it will help me get a better job when I return to work when the children are a bit bigger. 

6.) Half-Term

I love when it is half-term and the children are home and we get a break from after-school clubs and can just relax and spend quality time together as a family. Due to illness, we did not do a lot over half-term as a lot of plans had to be cancelled. However we still had a nice time, the children went halloweening and to a Halloween party which they really enjoyed, they went swimming and we caught up on appointments such as the dentist and eye tests for them both. I am already counting down until they break up for the Christmas break. 

7.) Halloween

This year the children really got into the spirit of Halloween now they are a bit older (5&6). They loved dressing up as Frankenstein and Hermonie (from Harry Potter) and they had a Halloween disco at school, went to a Halloween party at Jacobs football club (which they loved) and they really enjoyed trick or treating and got so many sweets and treats one of the neighbours even knitted them some lovely teddy bears. 

8.) The Keeper Of Lost Things Book

I read The Keeper Of Lost Things book earlier in the month and I really enjoyed it, such a lovely book that I would recommend to anyone. It was the kind of book that you can't put down and it will make you happy and sad all at the same time. Definitely a book I will re-read again in the future. 

9.) Mindhunter - Netflix 

I watched Mindhunter on Netflix recently and at first, I really struggled to get into it but by the second or third episode, I was hooked. It is not the kind of show I normally watch but I really enjoyed it and hope they bring out another series. If you like police/detective type shows or serial killer type stuff then it is worth a watch. 

10.) Cosy Autumn Days

I love this time of year, I love wrapping up warm and having cosy days at home with the heating on and the blinds shut. I feel like I see the children more at this time of year as they are not in the garden nonstop like in the summer and we normally cuddle up on the sofa and watch films on a weekend and the girls have been doing lots of baking. It has been lovely. 

So those are some of the things that I have loved In October, even though we have all been unwell and haven't done a lot we have still had lots of nice moments and family time this month. How was your October? 



  1. Oh we are onto the 4th episode of Mindhunter - I am enjoying it! Hope everyone is in good health now and yes, I can't wait for the Christmas hols either x

  2. Hope you are all feeling better now. I haven't seen minehunter must look out for it. Good luck with Open University


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