Sunday 10 November 2019

Finding The Perfect Christmas Gifts For Children


Now that it is November everyone's thoughts are turning to Christmas, the shops are playing festive tunes and they have their decorations up and children are starting to visit Santa and send off their Christmas lists. I know that my own children are getting super excited already and are on a countdown to December the 25th. But like a lot of people, I am struggling with what to buy the other children in the family as let's face it buying toys for other kids can be pretty hard work, you don't want to buy something they already have or something they might not like. So I was interested in reading this article The Secret Life Of Toy Designers to find out what makes Christmas toys a hit, give it a read if you are looking for some inspiration on what to buy the children in your family this year. 

As a mam of three with 17 years worth of present buying and Christmases under my belt, I thought that I would share some of my tips with you for buying Christmas gifts for children. 

1.)  You can't go wrong with classic gifts

I always think you can't go wrong with classic gifts, things like board games, jigsaws, colouring sets, books, footballs, building bricks and wooden toys. They will never go out of fashion and have stood the test of time and are always well-received gifts. 

2.) Buy age-appropriate 

Always stick to age-appropriate toys, age limits are there for a reason. Buying toys that are too grown-up or babyish will just lead to an unhappy child. You can find a great range of age-appropriate toys over on Wicked Uncle if you're looking for some inspiration. 

3.) Latest Craze

Sometimes taking notice of the latest craze will help you find the perfect Christmas gift. For example, unicorns and surprise type toys are hugely popular and my 6-year-old is crazy about both of these things, most of her Christmas list this year consists of unicorns or surprise toys. 

4.) You don't need to spend a fortune 

Remember you really don't need to spend a fortune or buy huge extravagant gifts, sometimes children get the most fun out of small and inexpensive gifts. My son spends most of his time playing with small hot wheel cars or a football and my daughter is happiest with colouring sets. To children its the thought that counts and the excitement of getting a gift, they honestly don't care how much something costs. 

5.) Check out Wicked Uncle

If you still need some inspiration then check out the Wicked Uncle website as they have a great range of toys and they make finding the perfect gift super easy as you can search by age, gender or category. They also have a lot of gifts that you don't find in the big toy retailers and have something to suit everyone and every budget. 

Some of my top picks from Wicked Uncle are 

  • For babies - Bumblebee pram rattle (£10.95)
  • For toddlers - Farm sounds blocks (£12.95)
  • For young girls - Glow art (£25.95)
  • For young boys - Wooden mini table football (£26.95)
  • For older girls - Friendship charm bracelet set (£14.95)
  • For older boys - Smart football (£20.00)
  • For teenage girls - Bean bag tablet stand (£24.99)
  • For teenage boys - Aqua Bluetooth speaker (£26.95)

I am planning on buying the smart football for my own son as he is football crazy and have seen tons of things I think my girls would enjoy. Hopefully, this will give you a bit of inspiration to find the perfect gift for the children in your family this year but please whatever you do avoid the slime and glitter - the kids will love it but us parents really don't as it gets everywhere! 

Do you have any present buying tips? If so let me know in the comments below. 

This article has been written in collaboration with Wicked Uncle, however, all words and opinions are my own. 


  1. I love Wicked Uncle, they have found me some amazing gifts in the past

    1. They have some great items don't they, such a easy site to use too x

  2. I agree you don't have to spend a fortune - I found a huge amount of playmobile in my local charity shop and I know my youngest is going to love it. Great tips

    Laura x

    1. I loved playmobile when I was younger, I bet he will have hours of fun with it xx

  3. These are great ideas, we still to the rule of no expensive presents and always buy age appropriate gifts.

    1. It is easy to get carried away isn't it so its good to have a few little rules in place x


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