Thursday 12 December 2019

November 2019

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It feels like so long since I sat down to write a blog post about what we have been up to, as I have just been so busy. I can not believe that we are now less than two weeks away for Christmas and I am not prepared at all this year (again) I still have shopping to do, although we have most of the children's gifts now - we just need to collect Sophia's bike from Halfords and buy clothes and stocking fillers. I have not written any Christmas cards out yet or bought wrapping paper and we have only just put our Christmas tree up two days ago. We have just been so busy that we haven't had a chance to do anything, so what have we been up to? 

Well since October I have been unwell, first I had a migraine which put me out of action for days then I had what we think was norovirus which was horrific - I have never been sick so much before and was unable to get out of bed for days. Then I came down with a bad chest and cold as soon as I stopped being sick and it has just totally taken it out on me, I still have a cough and my voice is not back to normal two months later. I have never been ill like that before and I never want to be again as I just had no energy and felt rotten for weeks. I am just glad the children did not catch it, although they have had sickness, colds and normal childhood bugs so far they seem ok. Although Sophia has started coughing so I am keeping everything crossed she does not come down with another chest infection, oh and the teen ended up in the eye hospital for another bad eye infection. I think we need a black cross on the door with so much sickness in our house. 

I also thought it would be a brilliant idea to finally decorate the lounge - it took me three days to paint but it looks so much nicer. We have new sofas too which make such a difference and it feels much more homely - we still have all the little finishing touches to do such as photos on the wall, some Acoustic wall panels, a new rug and a nice lamp. But that will have to wait until after Christmas now. 

I have also been busy with my open university work as I started studying with them in October to finally get my degree finished! So far it is going ok, although I think I underestimated how much time I would need to put aside each week for coursework. 

The children are all settled in school and doing well, they are so busy with after-school clubs that we just don't have any free time. Chloe is at 6th form which is pretty much normal school hours plus she is working part-time a few nights a week and is also doing her driving lessons so we never see her as any free time she gets is spent with her friends or boyfriend. Sophia is doing her swimming lessons and still goes to rainbows and Jacob is really into his football and does football training, keeper training and then has football matches every week. So all our time as is all taking up with the kid's activities plus the other half works six days a week at this time of year - thanks to festive bakes! 

This time of year is also busy blog-wise and I am a bit sad as we had to turn down so many lovely events and shows as we just have not had time to attend them all. We did go to see Whitley Bay Panto and the girls went to the Tyne Theatre one, we also went to Woodhorn stories with Santa which will be live on the blog tomorrow. We also went to see Santa at the Metrocentre for a blog event and the children enjoyed the ice rink. 

I have been feeling a bit down with blogging lately, I have been doing this for five years now and it is my job. However, lack of time and always feel like I am playing catch-up and late payments have really stressed me out lately and I seriously thought about packing it all in. However, I'm not going too I think I just need a break over Christmas and once I am feeling back to my normal self I will enjoy it again. 

Anyway enough of me waffling on, I just thought I would write a little catch-up post on what we have been up to. I am hopefully going to catch up on blog work this week and then most of next week shall be spent wrapping gifts, watching Elf and Home Alone and I might even finally get around to having a mince pie as I haven't had one yet this year! I am so looking forward to the children breaking up from school next Friday and we can just relax and enjoy some very much needed quiet family time at home over Christmas. 


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