Friday 7 June 2019

One Month Until I Say I Do

It is now less than a month until my wedding date and it is all systems go at the moment, finalising last minute things and we still have little bits to buy. I know I keep saying this but I honestly did not realise how time-consuming planning a wedding would actually be, there is so much to sort out that my brain is just overloaded with wedding stuff at the moment. The last few weeks before a wedding are definitely a bit stressful as there is just so much to do, suppliers to meet, vows to pick, table plans to organise, the list could go on. I think that the reason I am finding it a bit stressful is also because we have a lot going on, we have the three kids to look after and take to various groups, my eldest is in the middle of her GCSEs and we also have a prom to sort out two days before our wedding. It is definitely a challenge planning a wedding as a parent.

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What We Have Done This Month

This month has probably been the buzziest wedding planning month yet as we have had so much going on. Just this week we have had four meetings about the wedding, we just have two more suppliers to finalise things with and then we should be done. This month we met our photographer to go through the day and sort things out, we went with Paul Flanningan photography (you can see his Facebook page here) and I am hoping we can get a decent family photo at last. 

I also had my final dress fitting this month as I had to have my dress altered slightly as it was too big and needed a few adjustments, now it fits perfectly and is all ready to be collected a few days before the wedding. The groomsmen also went for their suit fittings and the suits are being collected this weekend, we still need to sort out shoes and ties and then they are done. We also met with our florist this week and paid the final balance off and I ordered a memory charm for my bouquet with a photo of my mam on, as she loved flowers so I plan on putting my bouquet on her grave after the wedding. 

On Wednesday we had a meeting at the registry office to pick vows, order marriage certificates and meet the registrar marrying us, who weirdly has the same name as me. We are getting married at our venue so we can't have any mention of god/religion etc in our readings and songs so these all had to be checked beforehand. We have also changed our first dance song at the last minute and had to change our seating plan slightly. But things are finally starting to fall into place and I am starting to get excited. 

Still To Do

Oh gosh, it feels like we still have so much to do! We still have to pay a few suppliers off, mainly just the extras as the main ones are all paid off. We still have to meet two suppliers to go through things, but it is a nightmare finding the time as they are obviously busy with weddings on weekends and we are only free on weekends due to work and the kids. We also have our rehearsal to attend a few days before the wedding. 

I need to buy confetti, sort place names for the tables and get a few little last minute finishing touches. We still need shoes and ties for the groomsmen and shoes for the bridesmaids, I still need some flat shoes for the evening and my jewellery and perfume. I have lists all over the place of things to sort out, I am bound to forget something. 

At the moment one minute, I feel excited and nervous about the wedding day, I am so looking forward to seeing everything come together and having all of our friends and family together. Then the next I feel slightly terrified at the prospect of being on camera all day and worrying over silly things like what if I fall over walking up the aisle or one of us ill (I am a born worrier). I am also feeling rather stressed over paying the last little bits off as the other half is terrible with money and had dipped into our savings without me knowing. I am sure it will all work out ok in the end and all of this stress will be worth it, I just wish we had of booked a honeymoon as I need a holiday to relax after the past few weeks of planning a wedding lol. 


  1. You have got your hands full. I'm sure it will all come together perfectly in the end. It will be worth all the stress. I can't wait to see the photos x

    1. It really did all come together and the day was just perfect xx


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