Wednesday 12 June 2019

Things I Loved May 2019

Can you believe that it is half-way through June and it is freezing cold and raining? I get married at the end of this month so I really hope the weather cheers up a bit, it would be just my luck it pours with rain on my wedding day and my hair and dress get ruined. I really need time to slow down a little bit as I still have so much to sort for our upcoming wedding and I am quickly running out of time to get it all done. May seems like it passed by so quickly so here is a look back at some of the things that I loved from the month of May. 

1.) Sophia's 6th Birthday

Our middle daughter Sophia turned 6 this month, I know it is such a Mam thing to say but I can't believe how fast she is grown up! She didn't have a party this year as we have the wedding to pay for (I did feel a bit of mum guilt over that), however, all she wanted to do was go bowling and for pizza so that's what we did. She went to Sambuccas for pizza, chips and ice-cream and then went bowling and she had a L.O.L Surprise birthday cake. She asked for Barbie and L.O.L toys for her birthday so that's we got her and we had a really nice family day, she loved being the centre of attention and being a bossy boots for the day. 

2.) May Half-Term

I love when the kids are off school, even though it feels like they were not off for Easter too long ago. This May half-term we had a few local days out but we did not do anything special as the other half was working and the teen was revising for her G.C.S.E exams. I love just spending time with the kids and not having to stick to the school routine. 

3.) Dead To Me & Good Girls On Netflix

This month I watched Good Girls season 2 and Dead to Me on Netflix and I really enjoyed both shows. I really love having a good Netflix binge when I find something to watch and I watched both these shows in less than a week. 

4.) Wedding Countdown

I am now just weeks away from my wedding day and it is all systems go lately, which is stressful but also exciting. This month has been really busy wedding wise as we have been having final meetings with suppliers, paying balances off and buying last minutes bits and bobs for the big day. It is all starting to feel very real now and I am actually fairly chilled about it all, I don't have any nerves yet the only thing I am stressing about is paying the final balances off things and buying the last little bits we need like ties, confetti and place tags. I am sure everything will fall into place on the day.

bagel burger on a plate on the grass and asda ketchup bottle

5.) Asda Burgers*

We were sent some burgers and BBQ bits from Asda recently which got the big thumbs up from us. They sell new doughnut-shaped burgers, perfect for putting in a bagel to make a nice change from a traditional burger bun. They were super tasty too and the kids loved the novelty of eating a bagel burger. They also have a great range of plastic tableware which is ideal for a BBQ party and which I am sure we will be using a lot over the summer (if the weather improves). 

6.) Re-Reading The Hunger Games Books

Years ago, before I had the children and before the films were released I read The Hunger Games books and really enjoyed them. I am a big fan of the films but I forgot how good the books were, I recently found the books whilst decluttering and re-read all three of them within days. If you haven't read the books yet then I recommend you read them as I actually like them better than the films. 

7.) InflataNation

We were invited along to the Inflata Nation Newcastle launch event a couple of months ago but could not attend. We finally got around to visiting during May half-term and my teen really enjoyed it. It is located at the Royal Quays in North Shields and is an inflatable park inside an inflatable building which is pretty cool. If you have older children it is worth checking out as my teen had a lot of fun.

inside inflatanation newcastle, blue bouncy castles

8.) Thaikhun

I was invited along to Thaikhun at the Metrocentre during half-term to try out their new menu and I went along with my teen. The food was lovely, I ordered a classic pad thai and my teen ordered the Thai Katsu chicken and a stack of Nutella pancakes. We both really enjoyed our meals and it was the ideal place to dine out with teenagers. 

9.) The Gate

At the start of May, we worked with The Gate, which is an indoor leisure complex in Newcastle city centre. We went for a family day out with the little two and enjoyed lunch at Nandos and then we visited Cineworld to try out the new 4DX cinema experience, it was a lot of fun. I had no idea that The Gate was so family friendly and it is somewhere I think we will be spending a lot more time now the children are getting a bit older. 

10.) De-Cluttering 

I feel like I am always decluttering the house but we just seem to have so much stuff, mainly the kid's stuff as they have so many toys and clothes. I am really sentimental and a bit of a hoarder if I am honest so all of our cupboards are overflowing with things we don't use anymore. This month I have been on a bit of a decluttering mission (again) and I have started adding stuff to eBay and have actually made £250 in the past two weeks just selling clothes and a few toys that no longer fitted or had never been used. I think decluttering will take us a while but I feel so much better since doing it and really think clutter has a negative impact on mental wellbeing. 

So those are some the things that I have been loving this month, what did you enjoy in May? 

Disclosure I was sent the Asda burgers and picnic stuff for inclusion in this post. 



  1. I love a good declutter too - I am RUBBISH at selling stuff though but keep thinking I should. It all adds up and £250 is not to be sniffed at x

    1. You really should, even just adding a few items a week soon adds up x

  2. My two would have loved Inflatanation if it was around when they were smaller, I suspect they still would ha! And I want a go ;)

    Stevie x

    1. They really would still like it, my teen loved it x

  3. We have just recently has something similar to inflatanation, the kids loved it. I need to go next time. Decluttering feels so good doesn't it and to make some cash, brilliant x

  4. Wow £250 is a great amount for just 2 weeks. I really must start selling our things on there again, but I tend to love doing it and then get bored. Ah such an exciting time ahead for you, and I am keeping my fingers crossed the weather starts to behave. But no matter what you will have the most magical day x

    1. You really should I couldn't believe how much I made just off adding little bits from around the house x

  5. Fingers crossed for better weather in time for your wedding. It sounds like you are very organised with your decluttering, clutter seems to attract itself you our house I honestly don't know where it comes from. We are reviewing Inflatanation next month it looks like good fun x

  6. I hope the weather cheers up for your wedding and that you have a fab day. We went to a similar place to Inflatanation. The kids we took loved it.

    1. It was lots of fun for my teen, she wants to revisit x


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