Saturday 1 September 2018

10 Months Until I Say I Do

It is now only ten months to go until my wedding date, I really can't believe how fast it is coming around! We booked our wedding with two years to go and naively thought that we had loads of time so didn't really do much and now I am majorly regretting that as we still have so much to save up for and I am panicking about losing weight to fit into a dress! 

This month we have done a little bit of wedding planning, we have booked the last of our suppliers which is a relief. I really wanted a videographer for the wedding and I finally talked the other half around into booking a one, yay! I spent hours looking online at videographers and eventually found a one that was in budget, that I liked the style of and where you actually got lots of footage of the day as some you only got a very short video from. So I have managed to get that sorted and booked and deposit is all paid, I think I will feel nervous being on camera all day but hopefully, I won't notice after a while as I think it will be nice to have a video of our big day to look back on. 


We also went to meet a florist this month, I am totally clueless with flowers as we never buy them but my future mother in law recommended somewhere and we liked the style of flowers they do so we booked. I am lucky that I can have all of the flowers and colours I want as I am having a summer wedding so they are all in season and not crazily expensive either. 

After hours and hours of searching online, I also found some invitations that I liked and sent for a sample which we both really like. I have gone for very traditional, elegant boxed invitations for the day but I still need to decide on the evening invitations and the table plan. I had no idea wedding stationery would be so expensive and I have gone well over budget on it so far. 

We have finally picked a first dance song and I have narrowed down songs for walking down the aisle and the ceremony. We have written a rough guest list and we have been looking at the food options and have a shortlist of a few meals we like the look of - we really need to hurry up and book a menu tasting soon and get the menu finalised.

I have been looking online at wedding dresses but I still have no idea at all what I want, I visited a couple of bridal shops this month too. I didn't try anything on I just asked about when I would need to order and had a look at dresses, the latest I can order is November so I really need to get a move on dress shopping. I honestly have no idea what kind of dress I want or what will suit me so hopefully, I will find something I like. 

I am also really struggling to find Sophia my five-year-old, a flower girl dress. She wants a white princess style dress with a pink bow and we can't find one anywhere, we have visited four bridal shops to look and none of them stocked flower girl dresses. I have seen a few online but I don't want to order online, if anyone has any recommendations of where we can look please let me know. 

So that is where we are at with the wedding planning, all of the suppliers are now booked. We have decided how we want the day to go and look decor wise and have picked songs and written a rough guest list. All we need to do now is save like crazy, buy my dress, Sophia's dress, suits, rings and book a menu tasting in. I also really need to lose weight, I have done Slimming World on and off for years and it is just not for me so if anyone has any weight loss plans they recommend please let me know - no shakes or anything though as I don't really want to go down that route. 

You can see what we got up to wedding planning in last months update

If you are married what part of planning did you enjoy the most? 


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