Friday 31 August 2018

Teen Talk With Gabby Logan

 My eldest turns 16 in just a few short weeks, she is entering her final year at school and will be sitting her GCSEs in the summer. Parenting a teen over the last few years has been a lot different from parenting a younger child, it is something that I am still learning about as we are constantly faced with new challenges. The latest challenge is to get her to spend some time at home (she is always out) and concentrate on her school work ready for her exams in the summer. Parenting a teen, like any kind of parenting has its good and bad days, luckily mostly good in our house.

I may not mention my teenager much on my blog, mainly because she is older and is always out with her friends so rarely comes on days out with us. However last year you may remember I wrote about Teen Talk with Gabby Logan, well Teen Talk is back again this year with #TheTeenTalk Guide. This includes tips and advice to help parents and children feel confident as they journey through puberty. The guide is free to download from the Boots website and is sponsored by well know P&G brands such as Gillette, Aussie, always, Tampax, head & shoulders and Oral B.

Gabby Logan is taking part in this campaign once again as she is Mum to teenage twins, Lois and Reuben. I was asked if I would like to interview Gabby as part of the campaign and here is what she had to say.

1.) What made you get involved in this campaign?

I got involved in this campaign as I'm a mum to teenagers myself and I understand how parents want their kids to feel good and confident navigating the changes that come with puberty. It can be an intimidating time with bodies and hormones changing, which is why this campaign is so important in advising and opening the dialogue between families and teenagers with how to deal with these changes.

2.) Do you find parenting a teenage boy and a teenage girl similar or is it very different? 

It is similar, to an extent - they're experiencing similar changes and they can talk to each other about those, which is great to see and hear. It is different in that Reuben might go to Kenny with specific 'boy' things and Lois may be more likely to come to me about periods and things I'll obviously have more of an understanding of. Being the same age and becoming teenagers together has been a good support system for them both and I think it helped them in coming to Kenny and me together.

3.) Are there any products that you recommend us parents buy for our own teens? 

With all the hormonal changes that happen as you become a teen, it's important to not forget the things that we as parents and guardians have used every day for years! Things like deodorant and face washes. Boots do their Tea Tree and Witch Hazel collection, which is great for teenagers, and Oral-B have released a special teen power electric toothbrush, which has a fun design.

4.) When do you recommend parents have #TheTeenTalk?

I think there's no 'one size fits all' approach. It depends on when your kids feel comfortable to start talking and start noticing or considering the changes that will happen to them. Every family is unique, the conversation can come up at any time.

5.) Do your children enjoy being part of this campaign?

I think so! They're not embarrassed about puberty at all and because we've kept such an open conversation going, I think they feel talking about it as part of the campaign is very normal. the campaign has just extended the conversation for them - and it has been lovely to spend time together in this way too.

6.) Do you have any tips on parenting teenagers? 

I think just constantly keep the conversation open. I wouldn't want Lois or Reuben to ever feel something was 'too embarrassing' to tell me. Your family should be your support system so keeping those lines of communication open is so important. I'm not saying teenagers should tell their parents everything! They don't have to tell me every time they have a crush on someone, but I would never want them to feel they had to hide anything that was making them anxious or nervous.

Thank you Gabby for taking the time to answer my questions, some great advice and tips here. I totally agree about being open and honest about puberty and growing up with your children. 

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