Tuesday 7 August 2018

Disney Vampirina Bootastic Backpack & Spooky Scooter Toy Review

Vampirina is a children's TV show on the Disney Jr channel and my children love it, my little girl Sophia has been a big fan of the show since it launched. Earlier this year we reviewed some Vampirina toys and we were lucky enough to be sent some more Vampirina items to review, perfect for keeping my children entertained throughout the summer holidays. 

We were sent the Vampirina Bootastic Backpack set (RRP £24.99) this set includes a purple hard case backpack, just like the one that Vampirina herself wears in the show. The set also includes some funky spider sunglasses, some bat shaped hairclips, a keyring, a necklace with phrases from the show and some stickers. Great items for any Vampirina fan to enjoy dressing up with. 

The Bootastic (Boo-tastic) backpack is identical to the one Vampirina wears on the show, it has one strap and it opens by pressing the button on the top. Due to it being hard plastic it is not very practical for Sophia to use as a school bag herself but it is great for using when dressing up and for storing the other items in the set. 

The funky sunglasses have been a huge hit and have been worn a lot over the past week in our house, they are perfect for Halloween too, as are the bat-shaped hair clips. The skull necklace lights up and you can hear popular phrases from the show when you push the button on it. 

vampirina backpack set

The Spooky Scooter toy set (£11.99) has been the biggest hit in our house though and it has been played with daily. There are two Spooky Scooter sets available Vampirina and Georgia or Poppy and Wolfie, we were sent Poppy and Wolfie. The set consists of a small figure or Poppy and pet dog Wolfie plus a scooter and skateboard. The figures have small holes in the bottom so you can fix them onto the scooter and skateboard without them falling off, you can also clip the skateboard onto the scooter so that Poppy can pull Wolfie along behind her scooter on his skateboard. 

spooky scooter toy out of box

My little girl loves playing with this set, she has been playing with it with her other Vampirina toys and with other small figures she owns, making up little games. 

Overal these toys were a hit with my children, especially the Spooky Scooter Set. Both the Bootastic Backpack Set and the Spooky Scooter Sets are available to buy now from all leading toy retailers. 

poppy and wolfie vampirina toys

Disclosure we were sent these toys for the purpose of this review, however, all opinions are my own. 


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