Wednesday 1 August 2018

Crate Creatures Surprise Toy Review

My little boy Jacob is almost 4-years-old and he is really into monsters, surprise toys and anything he thinks is disgusting and funny. So when we were recently sent a Crate Creature Surprise toy I knew this would be something he would enjoy. Crate Creatures Surprise are new interactive monster toys that come in a crate locked with a plastic chain and padlock that you have to open with the crowbar fixed to the side of the crate. 

The crate instantly appealed to Jacob and he could not wait to crack open the padlock and unleash the creature inside.

Crate Creatures Surprise box

Inside the crate, we met Snort Hog, a four-armed hog creature who makes disgusting sounds and with green boogers up his nose. There are four different Crate Creature Surprises but they are all a similar size and have similar features. 

Snort Hog is just the right size to hold and play with and he has soft fur and plastic face and hands/feet. He makes 45 monstrously cool creature sound effects and he even comes with his own food (a corndog on a stick) which you can feed him. If you pull his tongue he shakes with rage and his eyes glow and he will roar with delight if you tickle him. If you push the back of his head bright green boogys will come out of his nose and if you press his tummy and speak to him he will speak back in his creature voice.

Snort Hog Crate Creature toy on grass

Snort Hog can be loud at times but thankfully he has a volume control and on/off switch on the back.

Jacob really likes Snort Hog and thinks he is hilariously disgusting, he has played with him daily since he arrived and shows him to everyone who comes to the house.

Crate Creature Snort Hog toy out of box

We really liked that the crate is the packaging as it is really appealing to children and we actually keep Snort Hog in his crate when not being played with, it really adds to his appeal. I also liked that the batteries were included so that you could play with Snort Hog by pulling his tongue even before you had released him from his crate.   

Crate Creatures Surprise toys are recommended for children aged 4+ and I think this is spot on as my almost 4 year old really likes this toy. They cost £39.99 and are available from all good toy retailers. I think Crate Creatures Surprise will be on lots of children's Christmas list this year. 

Disclosure we were sent this toy for the purpose of this review, however, all opinions are my own. 


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