Saturday 18 August 2018

The Moscow State Circus Is In Newcastle

The iconic and much-loved Moscow State Circus is back on Newcastle's town moor this week with new show Gostinitsa and it is sure to delight fans both old and young. We were very kindly invited along to see the show yesterday afternoon and once again we were blown away with the stunts and performance and had a thoroughly enjoyable time. We visited with family aged between 60 (my dad) and my son who is 3 (very almost four) and every member of our group had a brilliant time, we were on the edge of our seats during the stunts to roaring with laughter at some of the slapstick humour. It really is a show that the whole family will enjoy. 

Located on Newcastle's Town Moor just outside of the city centre you can not miss the big red top circus tent, with plenty of free onsite parking and regular buses from the city centre stopping just outside it is easy to get too. The show is running from the 15th to Tuesday the 21st August 2018 with performances twice a day, Check the website for full details and ticket prices. 

Moscow State Circus cast
Image courtesy of Moscow State Circus

We were transported into a Hollywood inspired 1920's hotel for the opening scenes, with the cast in typical 1920's glamorous outfits, it really set the scene for the show that was to come. The hotel's bellboys took to the stage with an amazing skipping routines and stunts that had the audience holding their breaths and amazed at their skills. 

Each scene was cleverly broken up by some good old fashioned slapstick humour, which was delivered by the hotel's maid and manager and had the audience laughing along. We witnessed amazing ariel stunts, including a one with a hoop that reminded my daughter of her favourite film The Greatest Showman and had her mesmerised, along with half the male audience members as the gymnast was rather beautiful. 

There was everything that is good about the circus such as unicyclist tricks, audience participation, tightrope walking tricks that will have you holding your breath and on the edge of your seat. The show was high energy and full of surprises, never knowing what was coming next and each act seemed to be more breathtaking than the last. 

Moscow State Circus stunt

The finale when the bellboys took to the stage competing daring swing routines had most of the audience hiding behind their hands as they completed daring jumps and leaps. The skill the performers have is certainly impressive with many completing tricks without any safety wires as they completed every trick and stunt with ease. It was a well-rehearsed show that was faultless with not a single slip up. 

The show is on for two hours with a twenty-minute interval and the time went by so quickly as we were so entertained throughout. Not once did my children get bored as they gazed on in amazement at the whole show and were sad when it was time to leave. 

If you are looking for something to do with the children this weekend then I really do recommend a trip to the Moscow State Circus. I visited years ago with my eldest when they were last in town and this show was even better than the last one and is not too be missed. 

Disclosure we were provided with complimentary tickets for the show for the purpose of this review. 


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