Saturday 29 September 2018

9 Months Until I Say I Do - Starting To Panic

It is now only nine months until I get married and I am starting to panic slightly! When we booked our wedding last summer we had two whole years to plan our wedding and for the first year, we pretty much did nothing as we thought we had ages of time. Earlier this year I booked all of our main suppliers such as the photographer, cake maker etc. Since then we have also booked the florist, videographer, sourced stationery and give notice of marriage at the registry office. 

But we still have so much to do and now it is only nine months away I am majorly starting to stress out! I still don't have a dress, rings or suits, we haven't had the menu tasting yet and we haven't written a guest list. I still have so many decor bits to source and arrange and we have so much saving to do too as we are paying for everything apart from the venu hire and cake, which were gifts from our parents. 

I think I am worrying slightly as nine months is not very long, its the length of a pregnancy and I know how fast they can fly over. I really wanted to have lost weight for the wedding but I haven't yet and I feel so disappointed in myself and am putting off dress shopping until I lose a bit of weight, which is not ideal when dresses need to be ordered 7 months in advance! We also have Christmas, both the girls birthday, my birthday and the other halfs 30th between now and the wedding, which won't give us much of a chance to save. We are about £3,000 short for the wedding at the moment, so not a huge amount and I am sure we will manage to save once Christmas is out the way. I am still worrying though, I have worried so much that I have started losing my hair! 

Wedding wise we haven't done anything this month - other than worry! We are heading to a wedding fayre tomorrow to get some ideas for little finishing touches and to see if we can find Sophia a flower girl dress. 

I have been doubting myself with the wedding this month too, I really want to get married and know I'm marrying the right person. It is just I am wondering if all this money is worth it for one day? I know we are planning the day we want but I just keep thinking we could go on an amazing holiday and do fun stuff with the kids with all the money we are spending. I guess that's just mum guilt though and I know we can have the amazing holidays after the wedding. 

So that is pretty much how things have been this month. Nothing has been organised for the wedding at all, I still haven't lost any weight or started dress shopping and we still have quite a bit to do. The other half has a week off work in November so I think we are going to try and get the menu tasting, guest lists, meeting suppliers and little jobs sorted then. I am also planning on going dress shopping in November too, so I guess I better start that wedding diet I keep mentioning on Monday (again). 

If you are planning a wedding or are already married how did you find the whole wedding planning process?

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