Thursday 1 March 2018

Things I Loved In February 2018

Can you believe that it is the start of March and we have snow? How crazy is that! I wish I could say I was outside enjoying the snow with my children but sadly I am stuck indoors with a poorly Jacob, he has tonsilitis and it has totally wiped him out. I am currently typing this whilst he snuggles up to me on the sofa sleeping. It is so unlike him to be unwell and I think this is the first time he has ever actually been properly unwell. 

Anyway, February seems to have flown over super fast and it does not seem so long ago since I wrote about January, so let's have a look at some of the things that I loved from the month gone by. 

1.) Family Meal. Family time with the five of us is so rare these days, with work, school and the children's social lives it is rare for us to get time together. So I really enjoyed going for a meal during half-term, we only went for a pub lunch but it was nice to be spending time together as a family. 

2.) Glow on Netflix. We have had a Netflix subscription for years but I rarely watch anything on it, other than the amazing Stranger Things, naturally. I was looking for a new series to watch and I came across Glow and I actually really liked it, give it a watch if you are looking for something nice and easy to watch. 

3.) Booked Wedding Suppliers. This month has been full of wedding related things, we booked our cake maker, favours, photographer, save the dates and organised room decor. We also had a meeting at our venue to go over the day and organise all the timings out. It is actually starting to feel real now! Next on my list is to find a florist, hair & makeup and think about outfits. I am actually finding it a lot less stressful than I thought I would and it is nice picking things that we like and planning our dream day. 

4.) Half Term. I love when it is half-term and I have the children home, we had lots of lazy mornings and movie days. We had a couple of days out and done some baking, nothing special but it was really nice just spending time with the children. 

5.) Me Before You Film. I am so late to the party in watching this film but I eventually got around to watching Me Before You when I saw it on Netflix. I did cry - and I never cry at films, but it was such a lovely film and if you love British love story type films then you will enjoy this one. Just make sure you have the tissues to hand! 

6.) Party Planning. Sophia will be five in May and this year she has asked for a big party with the whole reception class. We have booked the local hall and booked two princesses to attend, which will be a surprise for her. She really wants a mermaid themed party so we have booked Ariel to attend and I have been looking online for Mermaid decorations and party ideas. She is so excited and I really hope she has a wonderful time and lots of her friends turn up, as I have accidentally booked it for the same day as the Royal wedding!

7.) Being Busy. This time of year is normally quite blogging wise, however, I have been lucky and things have been really busy and I have earned quite a lot this month. It was nice being busy, fingers crossed it continues as I know that some months can be very quite blogging-wise. 

8.) Slimming World Insta. I recently set up a Slimming World Instagram account, you can follow it here if you are also trying to eat healthily. I plan on posting daily food pics to try and keep me motivated and on plan in a bid to lose weight for my big day. 

9.) Holiday Shopping. We are off to Majorca in May and we have started holiday shopping and I am loving buying the kids cute holiday outfits. I love any excuse to shop if I am honest, but it is nice planning little outfits for them. I haven't started shopping for me yet as I am hoping to drop a dress size before we go (ever the optimist). It is so nice having something to look forward to and I can't wait to get some sunshine, have lots of family time and just to see the children enjoying themselves. 

10.) Afternoons With Jacob. In September my youngest will be off to full-time school - just two weeks after his fourth birthday (he is an August baby). At the moment he spends five mornings in the nursery attached to the school, which he loves. I am enjoying my afternoons with him, just me and him as it is nice having some one on one time with him. I am going to miss him when he goes off to school as it will be strange not having a child at home during the days. So I am trying to make the most of my afternoons with him before he goes off to big school. 

So those are some of the things that I have been loving the past month, hopefully, we will have a good month this month too. What did you love the most in February? 


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