Monday 5 March 2018

Finding A BabySitter For The Wedding With Sitters

Next year myself and the other half are getting married and I honestly did not realise how time-consuming planning a wedding would be! We have so many different appointments to go to, from visiting our venue, menu tasting sessions and meeting suppliers and that's before we get started on dress shopping and suit fittings. As a mum of three, taking my children along to these things is just not possible or practical and we are finding it a juggling act having to arrange with family who all work themselves to look after our children, especially as my youngest is only three and not yet at school. 

Like a lot of families these days we do struggle with childcare for our children, we are lucky that our family do help with childcare on the odd occasion but it always has to be planned well in advance. My mum died when I was younger, my dad works and is rarely available to help us, my brother works long shifts and has his own young children to look after. The other halfs parents are separated and his parents both work long shifts in care and have other grandchildren to look after too. It is not like when I was younger and my grandparents were all retired and happy to watch us when my parents worked or had a night out planned. When we need a babysitter we have to plan well in advance. 

This got me thinking that maybe we should look at getting some kind of trusted babysitter organised, not only for all the appointments in the leadup to the wedding but also for our wedding day itself. I think it will be a long day for the children and they will probably be fast asleep in the hotel room by 7pm and we will need someone to keep an eye on them, as we can't expect our family to miss out on the wedding. 

Whilst browsing online to see if I could find anyone who offers such a service I came across who offer award-winning childcare from trusted sitters in your area at times that other childcare providers don't. They can visit hotels or your home on evenings or watch children during the day if you are at an event such as a wedding. They have really competitive prices and you can view references and reviews of your sitter before you book them, for added peace of mind. 

I feel like I can now get on with planning my wedding without having to worry who will look after my children when we have lots of appointments to attend. We may even manage to book a much-needed date night now we know how easy it can be to arrange a trusted babysitter for the evening. 

Disclosure This is a collaborative post with Sitters. 



  1. We struggle with childcare - whilst we are lucky to have my husband's mum and my dad nearby they both work and so it can be tough to ask them to help out anymore than they already do.

    1. That is the same as us, it can be tricky can't it xx


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