Monday 19 March 2018

February 2018

I know that February is a short month but it seemed to pass by so quickly this year, now we are more than half-way through March. February was a quiet month for us, we did not do a lot as it was cold, the other half was working a lot over half-term and we were busy saving for our upcoming holiday in May. At the moment all we seem to be doing is saving, first, we were getting work done to the house, then paying the holiday off, then saving for the holiday and buying lots of new clothes and now we have to save our wedding next year too.

Personal Life 

Anyway due to all the saving and having to spend all our spare money on other things February was a quiet month. The children attended a few birthday parties, I visited the school a few times for different events with them and we spent lots of time at home watching films, playing and baking. We had a few family days out for pub lunches, visiting family and holiday clothes shopping, nothing exciting though. 

This month we have been really busy with wedding planning and we have booked lots of suppliers. We had a meeting at our venue and we went through all of the timings for the day and planned how the day will run with the wedding coordinator. We have arranged chair covers and some of the room decor, we have booked the cake and favours, we have booked a photographer and purchased save the dates to send out. It really does seem like it is all starting to come together now and I am having so much fun planning it all. 

We have not had a 'date night' this month, it feels like such a long time ago since we last had a one! But all of our spare money is going on other things at the moment and all of our childcare time is going on meeting wedding suppliers. It will all be worth it though to have a nice wedding and to finally become a Mrs. 

I am still going to Slimming World but it has been a bit of a disaster this month and I have only lost a few pounds as I have missed weeks and had a week where I gained. I am still going to group though and I have not given up yet, which is a good thing for me. Hopefully, I will get back on track and start losing weight again soon. 

Blog Life

I have actually been busy with blogging this month, I have been working on a few well-paid campaigns with brands and we have reviewed some nice products this month too. I am still busy tidying my blog up too as I have so many old posts with broken links, missing photos and which are badly formatted, it is a long and boring task updating them all. 

I still have not got around to launching my wedding blog, the domain is purchased but I just have not got around to getting everything set up. I am also wondering if I should even bother as it will be a lot of work and I am not sure if anyone will even read it, definitely something to think about before I set to work on that I think. 

So that's about all that we have been up to this month, not a lot has happened and it has been an ok month with no illness or anything bad happening (which is always a good thing). Unlike March which so far has been plagued by illness in our house, but that is a story for another day. 

So that is what February was like for us, how was your February? 


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