Friday 9 March 2018

I Am Getting Married

If you read my blog then I am sure you will probably have guessed by now that I am getting married next year. I have mentioned it on my blog a few times but I have realised that I have never actually written a post about it, so some of you may have missed it. Anyway back in June (I know, ages ago!) my other half eventually proposed after almost six years of being together! The proposal was not at all what I wanted and he brought the wrong sized ring, but I still said yes. 

I think I knew the proposal was coming as we had talked about getting married so often and let's face it after six years of being together and two children, it was about time we got married. We actually got engaged on his birthday and pretty much as soon as we were engaged we started wedding planning. We knew we wanted a summer wedding and we decided on June 2019, so that we would have time to save for our big day and also because the date we have picked is my late mums birthday. 

Within weeks of our engagement, we had made a shortlist of venues and we actually ended up booking the very first one we went to see. We have decided to get married at our venue as neither of us is religious for a church wedding and I did not want a registry office ceremony. As soon as we went to view the venue I knew it was where I wanted to get married as it has beautiful grounds, they only do one wedding per day and it is not crazy expensive like some venues. 

As soon as we found out they had our date free my dad paid the venue deposit for us (thanks, dad) and that was it the wedding was booked! 

Booking it two years in advance might seem like a long time but it has given us time to decide what kind of day we want and to look for suppliers etc. So far we have the venue, the registrar, cake and favours, DJ, Photographer and some of the venue decor booked. We have sent out save the dates, which are magnets to put on the fridge with our wedding date on. We have picked colour schemes, picked the flower girls, best man and usher and have a rough idea of a guest list. 

We have just under a year and a half left to organise the final few suppliers and decide on outfits, rings and have menu tastings, but we are waiting until we return from holiday in May for all of that. We will also have to save like crazy for a year as we have already gone well over budget for the wedding, as there are just so many pretty things! 

I am actually enjoying wedding planning at the moment, it is nice planning a day that is exactly how we want. I am lucky that I have not found it stressful yet but I am sure that will come when I start dress shopping - which I am dreading and putting off until I lose weight. 

I have been wondering if I should start writing about my upcoming wedding on this blog or start a separate one, as I am wedding crazy at the moment! The idea of starting a whole new blog from scratch will be hard work but I am not sure if wedding content would work on this blog, would anyone be interested? I am still undecided. 

So that is how things are going wedding wise, I have 16 months to go and all of the big things are booked. We still have some suppliers to book and a few things to finalise such as the menu and guest list etc. I really am enjoying wedding planning and I can't wait to become a Mrs and celebrate our special day with our friends and family. 


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