Monday 25 September 2017

Stocking Filler Shopping At The Works

Every single year I am so disorganised for Christmas and end up buying gifts right up until Christmas Eve. This year I have vowed to be different and have actually already started Christmas shopping and thinking about what to buy people. I really want to enjoy the magical lead up to Christmas this year, as my children are at an age where they truly believe in the magic of Christmas. I want to cram as many festive activities as I can into the lead-up to the big day, without having to worry about shopping and getting organised.

Christmas tree with stocking decoration on

One thing that I always leave to the last minute, every, single, year, are stocking fillers and those little novelty gifts you buy for people that children seem to love! This year I want them in nice and early and I have actually spent this evening browsing online for stocking fillers for my three children. One shop that I love for stocking fillers is The Works, they have recently opened a store in my town and my children love browsing in it and buying pocket money toys and books. Talking of books they currently have a great online offer on at the moment of 10 selected children's books for just £10, perfect for the book advent calendar I am planning this year.

That's not my unicorn children book

Anyway back to stocking fillers, like most girls my two both adore unicorns. My teen likes anything unicorn related just as much as my 4-year-old does so when I discovered a range of Unicorn gifts I thought these would make great stocking filler gifts. We are big fans of the 'That's not my' books so the That's Not My Unicorn book is getting added to my shopping basket for my little girl. For a joke gift, I just know my teen will be delighted with the 'Unicorn Poo' which is a bargain at just £2. They also have a range of Unicorn stationery, crafts and toys which are sure to be big hits with unicorn fans.

unicorn poo gift from the works

The Works also have a great selection of gifts for the rest of the family too with games and books for my 3-year-old son and novelty gadgets for my dad and other half's stockings. I really like that I can just order it all online and get it delivered to my home or local store which means that I can avoid traipsing around the busy city centre looking for gifts. 

I am really looking forward to Christmas this year as we had just moved last year and things were very unorganised and a bit rushed. This year I am enjoying selecting the perfect gifts for people, planning special days out and really getting into the Christmas spirit. 

Have you started Christmas shopping yet? 

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