Wednesday 27 September 2017

Other Bloggers Family Lives Featuring Sprog On The Tyne

This week on Other Bloggers Family Lives I am featuring one of my favourite fellow North East parent bloggers Caroline from Sprog On The Tyne (such a cool blog name). Caroline blogs about days out and thing's to do here in the North East that she goes on with her two very cute pre-schoolers. She takes some wonderful photos and visits places that I have never even heard of! Caroline is also very friendly and lovey in real life too. 

So let's find out more about the family behind Sprog On The Tyne.

1.) Tell me a bit about yourself and your family?

Hello, I'm Caroline from Sprog on the Tyne. The Sproggers family is made up of me, my husband Kenny and our toddlers Sebastian who is 3 and Rosa who will be 2 in December.

2.) Where do you live?

We live in Blaydon in Gateshead which is a 10-minute drive from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Blaydon itself is just your typical residential area, it has shops and a couple of toddler group, but on the whole, we spend our time travelling around the North East.

3.) What is your favourite thing to do as a family where you live?

The North East is so brilliant for families, we love to visit some of the huge parks which are within about 20 minutes drive from our house and often call into the Newcastle city centre museums which are free.

Our favourite things to do are visit the farm shops and cafes nearby. We love Moorhouse farm and Broomhouse farm which are both free entry and have a couple of animals to see and toys to play with for the toddlers as well as good coffee and cake for me.

4.) If you could live anywhere where would you?

Locally  (and realistically) we'd love to move to Whitley Bay, a coastal town 20 minutes from Newcastle. There is a real sense of community there with loads of family activities, as well as the beautiful coastline on your doorstep.

In lottery win dreams I would move to Australia for the outdoors and active lifestyle, but I'd only want to go if I was moving on-masse with friends and family. No, I have kids I wouldn't want to set up a life too far from my family.

5.) Did you grow up close to where you live now and what are your favourite childhood memories where you grew up?

I've lived in the North East my whole life, I even went to university in Newcastle. My favourite memories from growing up we're going on big walks with all of my cousins, our parents loved to walk and we were always dragged out with them, but we always had a great time. I now visit lots of the same places from my youth like Hamsterley Forrest and local National Trusts with my own children.

6.) Have you got any exciting family plans for the year ahead?

We had an exciting and busy summer, we went on a big family holiday (all 25 of us) in the UK, went to our first family festival and we are just back from Kos where we had a lovely week away. Our diaries are pretty much empty for the rest of the year but that's feeling okay, I think we could do with a rest.

7.) What is your favourite thing about family life?

Family life is so busy, and with 2 little kids there is often too many nappy changes, drink spillages and nose wiping to be done to enjoy it at the time. One of my favourite times of the day is just before bed when we'll have a story and chat what we've done that day. I love snuggling into the kids and remembering the nice things we have been up to.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions, Caroline, I bet Kos was lovely and I hope you all had a wonderful time. My father-in-law lives in Whitley Bay near the seafront and I too would love to live there as it must be wonderful having the coast and all the restaurants and shops on your doorstep. 

To find out more about Caroline and her family visit her blog

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  1. Love the blog name! I too would love the outdoor lifestyle of Australia but I fear that the grandparents would miss us all too much! X

    1. Such a cool blog name! Family is what stops us ever moving too x

  2. Lovely to find out a bit more about Caroline - the big family holiday sounds like so much fun!

  3. Love the name, too. However, now the song is stuck on replay in my head! haha Love Newcastle - we lived there for a while and a good friend still lives there, so we visit often. My family comes from Barnard Castle, so very close, too!

    1. Barnard castle is really close, ah what part did you live in? xx

  4. Thank you so much for introducing us to Caroline and her wonderful family - i would love to relocate to Australia

  5. I LOVE Caroline. She’s such a babe.

  6. Great blog name! Nice to meet you Caroline! Bedtime is one of our favourite times of the day too!

  7. Loving the blog name! It was nice to read a little about you and yours Caroline. Love this series Lindsay x

  8. Lovely to read a bit more about caroline. I follow her on instagram already.

  9. Great to know some info about Caroline, she seems to have had a lovely and memory-filled childhood with extended family around, and now she has her own beautiful one xxx

  10. Love this series. A great way to discover new bloggers.


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