Friday 2 October 2015

September 2015

Last month I started a monthly round-up of what we had been up to that month, as a way of looking back on special memories and ordinary events. Like most people I started this blog to record family memories and I think that by doing these monthly post it is a lovely way to record are family life, so my children can hopefully look back on this one day in the future. September was a busy month in our household so here is what we have all been up to.

newspaper cone of fish and chips

Personal Life

September saw Chloe return to school after the summer holidays and she is now in year 8, this seems so grown up to me as I can still remember being in year 8 myself. She seems to have settled back into school life with no problems and is happy and enjoying spending time outside of school with her friends. She may have only just returned to school but already she has had to miss a few days firstly to get a tooth removed and also as she had a hospital appointment and is booked in for an operation on her eye in a few weeks time. It was also her last month of being 12 as she will be turning 13 in October, that really does make me feel old!

Sophia started pre-school this month and she absolutely adores it and just runs off playing as soon as she gets there. We are really lucky that she has settled in straight away and just kisses us goodbye and is not at all fazed when we leave her. She goes three afternoons a week for two and a half hours and it gives me some much-needed one-on-one time with her little brother. We have also started potty training Sophia this month and it is going amazingly well at home and she started using her potty within the first day, we still need to work on potty training when out and about though.

Jacob is changing so much every single day at the moment, he has just turned 13 months old and it is so lovely watching his little character develop. Jacob looks like such a toddler boy now and he is not really a baby as he is walking everywhere. He talks so well for his age and understands so much he can say mam, dad, grandad, nana, cat, Jacob, car, ball, hiya, hello, bye, dirty and so many other words. He also plays properly with his toys now he adores cars and will push them along the floor and say 'brum brum' which is super cute. He got his very first pair of shoes from Clark's this month as he is walking everywhere confidently now.

I am back on track on my Slimming World diet and have lost 9lbs this month which I am over the moon about, I am so close to getting that two stone award now. This month as well as being busy with the children and housework we have also been having a big clear out of the house and re-decorated our bedroom which is looking so much better, keep an eye out for a blog post on that. Lee has been off work for the last two weeks on the sick as he has damaged the tendons in his hand and even though it is nice having him at home I am finding it so strange him being home every day.

Blog Life

I have had such a busy month blog-wise, I really wanted to be able to blog every day last month but that never happened. I had planned to make lots of changes to my blog ready for my re-design next month but of course, life got in the way and I never found the time, maybe this month I might eventually get around to it or maybe that is just wishful thinking.

ted and baby nursery book

During September I shared my first Book Buddies review of a gorgeous nursery rhyme book, I also reviewed a slimming world recipe book and a Thomas potty training book. We were also really lucky to be invited to take part in the amazing Gung-Ho event which is a 5k inflatable obstacle course that Chloe took part in. We were lucky enough to spend a wonderful night at the Marriott Hotel Gateshead as part of there Beamish package and experienced an amazing family day out travelling back to the 1900's at Beamish.

old fashioned open top blue bus at Beamish museum

I have tried to keep a mix of personal posts such as a post about my eldest starting secondary school, and tips on coping with two children under two along with my review posts and sponsored content. My most popular post this month was  Gung-Ho Came to Newcastle, which is getting so many views and was a great post to write as it was a lovely family day out.  

Gung-ho foam pit

How was your September did you do anything nice? 


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  1. What a great month you had....Lovely photos!
    It sounds very exciting on the blog front! Have a great October x


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