Wednesday 7 October 2015

Slimming World Week 22 & 23

It has been a couple of week's since I posted a Slimming World update as I did not attend the group last week as we had been away on a review trip and I was busy redecorating. I was so busy but also I was a bit scared of facing the scales after a weekend of overindulging, so I was a chicken and missed group. This week I faced the scales though expecting a gain, but I know now that the only way that I will lose all of this baby weight is if I go to group each week and stick to the plan. 

I started last week off well as I knew we were going away for a weekend and I knew I was going to enjoy some meals out. I was on plan all week, we even went out for a pub lunch and I ordered plain grilled chicken breast with a plain jacket potato and salad, which is unlike me as I always use eating out as an excuse to cheat and eat whatever I like. We were also out shopping at the Metrocentre and instead of going for a Mexican or to Pizza hut like we normally would I was good and went to Subway for a salad. I am a bit addicted to Subway salads at the moment they are so yummy with low syn sweet onion sauce on, they are only £2.29 for a salad of the day and really filling. 

three subway salads
I ate a lot of Subway salads this week.

Then things went a bit off plan we went for dinner at a Chinese and I was fairly good sticking to rice with beef and mushrooms in black pepper sauce and a few noddles, but then I went and had banana fritter with syrup and ice cream. I also enjoyed a full English breakfast, croissants, fish & Chips cooked in beef dripping, fudge, a chippy tea and a bar of galaxy to name just a few 'treats' that weekend. 

This week I was a bit better diet wise but it is 'star' week and I have been craving stodge like bread for breakfast and sweet treats like chocolate and a few sneaky biscuits, and I have given in and had them. My meals were on plan though and I have made things like pasta bake, Mayflower Chinese curry, chicken dinners, swede topped cottage pie and homemade burgers with sweet potato chips. So I was expecting a small gain this week, but when I stepped on the scales I had lost 2lb which I was thrilled about. 

I am now so so close to that 2 stone award and I am really hoping that it will be mine next week. I am going to try to stick to plan 100 % this week and step away from the sweet treats and bread if I can. I am going to get all my Slimming World recipe books out and I am going to challenge myself to make meals that I have not made before every day this week, to try and mix things up a bit and stop myself eating the same meals over and over. 

I know that I have been doing Slimming World a while now and it seems to be taken me ages to lose weight and I honestly thought I would have lost more by now, but I know why I haven't it was because I was missing weeks at my old group. Since I joined my new group a month ago I have lost 9.5 lbs which I am so happy with. I know if I had not of joined Slimming World I would have just got bigger and that was making me feel so down and rubbish about myself. Even though I have lost almost 2 stone I can't actually tell myself, although my clothes are starting to feel much bigger which is an amazing feeling. I am hoping to get my two stone award next week and as it is only 12 week's until Christmas I am hoping if I lose 1-2 lb a week between now and then I might hopefully lose another stone by then too. If anyone is thinking of joining Slimming World but is putting it off until January I would say just join now, as you could be a stone lighter by Christmas instead of waiting and being unhappy until the new year. 


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