Friday 6 April 2018

Things I Loved March 2018

March has been a bit of a disaster month for us, I have had an ill child every single day this month! Jacob started the month with a bad case of tonsillitis which totally wiped him out and resulted in him being on antibiotics five times a day for ten days, the day he got better and went back to nursery Sophia came down with chicken pox and was off school for just over a week. The day she went back to school my teen Chloe was sent home from school with sore eyes and ended up in the eye hospital due to an infection and was on antibiotics, antiviral medication and creams and drops. Then yep you guessed it the day she started to get better and went back to school Jacob came down with chicken pox! 

As a result, I have spent most of this month housebound or stuck in doctor/hospital waiting rooms. We have had to cancel so many plans and have had a very quiet Easter but we have still managed to enjoy some things this month. So here are some of the things I have been loving in March. 

1.) Snow 

Like, everyone, I was surprised but delighted with the snow at the start of the month, I have never known it to snow in March before. Both my girl's schools were cancelled and they loved playing in the snow, however, I did not get to enjoy it as I was looking after a poorly Jacob. It still looked pretty though and it was nice my girls got to enjoy a few snow days. 

2.) Flexible Working

As I mentioned this month has been full of illnesses and I have had a child off school every single day this month. I have been feeling very grateful that I have been able to be home with them and look after them lately, as I would have really struggled if I was in traditional employment. Yes, this blog has suffered as I have not really been blogging much this month and my earnings are down but I was there for my children when they needed me and that is all that matters. 

3.) Jessica Jones on Netflix 

I discovered Jessica Jones on Netflix this month and I loved it, I watched both series this month. This is totally not the kind of program I would normally watch as I am not a Marvel/ Superhero fan, I did really enjoy this though and I recommend it if you are looking for something to watch. 

4.) New Blog Theme 

I got a new pipdig blog theme this month as I found my old theme a bit basic looking. Due to my children being ill I have not got it all set up properly yet but I am so much happier already with how my blog looks, much more user-friendly (I hope). 

5.) Date Night 

We actually managed to have a long-overdue 'date night' this month. It was actually the day before Sophia came down with chicken pox and grandma was on babysitting duty and spotted the first pox spot. We went to Chaophraya and enjoyed a lovely Thai meal in the most lovely restaurant, highly recommend it if you're looking for somewhere for date night in Newcastle city centre. 

Thai sharing platter starter

6.) Mothers Day 

I have a love/hate relationship with Mothers Day as I miss my own mam but I also like that my kids try and make it special for me. This year due to illnesses we just stayed at home and the other half made a roast dinner, the children got me some lovely gifts of a new mug, bath products, a big candle and perfume. It was a nice quiet day spent with my family and it was lovely having a day off from housework too. 

7.) Parents Evening 

The little two had parents evening this month and they are both really enjoying reception and nursery and are happy at school. It is nice knowing they are happy, settled and have little friends. 

8.) De-cluttering

I have been trying to de-clutter this month and have had a big clear out of my room so far and started adding unused items onto eBay. I am a bit of a hoarder and always have been and we just have too much stuff, I am determined to get rid of a lot of things so our house has a bit more order. I feel so much better when I clear an area and have a sort through too. 

9.) New Camera

My other half treated me to a new camera for our holiday this month. I didn't want to be taking a bulky camera away with us so he treated me to a new more compact one for taking photos and videos when we are away. 

10.) Holiday Shopping

This month I have been busy holiday shopping, mainly online as I am housebound with ill kids! I have brought nearly all of the children's holiday clothes, some of mine and the other halfs and all of my teens. Fingers crossed the sun shines when we are in Majorca in May as I have brought all summer clothing. 

So those are the things that have made me happy this month. Fingers tightly crossed April is an illness free house and I manage to get some blogging done. 

How was your March? 


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