Wednesday 4 April 2018

Other Bloggers Family Lives Featuring Brummie Gal In Cardiff

This week on Other Bloggers Family Lives I am featuring Kim who blogs at Brummie Gal In Cardiff and is also the Mam of Kelly Allen Writer who I featured last year. Kim blogs about life in Wales, art and whatever else takes her fancy. So let's find out more about the blogger behind Brummie Gal In Cardiff.

1.) Tell me a bit about yourself and your family?

My name is Kim, I am 58 years old and I work full-time in a care home as well as blog. I moved to Wales from Birmingham after my husbands passing in 2013 with my daughter Kelly who is a blogger at Kelly Allen Writer. 

2.) Where do you live?

I live in Cardiff, Wales. 

3.) What is your favourite thing to do as a family where you live?

Just being together is wonderful, there is so much chatter and laughter! 

4.) If you could live anywhere where would you?

Anywhere within a reasonable distance of my daughter, although I do have a soft spot for London.

5.) Did you grow up close to where you live now and what are your favourite childhood memories of where you grew up?

No, I grew up in Birmingham, both my parents worked so we spent a lot of time with my Nan and Aunt. I have fab memories of the love and laughter, plus squabbles between my sister and aunt (neither would back down - they loved each other dearly though).

6.) Have you got any exciting family plans for the year ahead? 

My daughter is editing her novel, so I am super excited to read the finished novel as it has undergone changes since it was her dissertation for her Masters in creative writing. 

7.) What is your favourite thing about family life?

The love and support we all give each other. 

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions Kim, it must be so strange moving somewhere new after so many years in your hometown. I think I would be the same though and move to live near my children if they ever moved away. 

Updates 2019 - Kim's blog and social media channels now no longer exist. 

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  1. How exciting that her daughter is finishing her first novel! She must be so proud! Lovely to always find out more about the blogger behind the blog.

  2. Great interview, I love finding out more about different bloggers. How exciting that her daughter has written a book, that is amazing

  3. What a talented daughter to be writing a book and doing a Masters! What a great series Other Bloggers Family Lives is. We love hearing about other bloggers x

  4. Great interview! Love reading about others bloggers. I also have a soft spot for London.

  5. I must confess I have already discovered Kim as I am a fellow Cardiff-based blogger. Lovely interview.

  6. Oh wow you must be very proud of your daughter and what a wonderful move to wales. Having all that countryside around you

  7. Awww, love how proud and supportive she is of her daughter! And also, even as a food blogger, I find it fascinating reading about other types of bloggers out there x

  8. Sounds like a lovely family, off to read some more

    1. They really do sound like a very close and lovely family x


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