Sunday 2 July 2017

Puppy Surprise Review

One of the things that I love the most about being a parent is introducing my children to things that I too loved as a child. There really is no better feeling than reliving your childhood with your own children, one way that I do this with my own children is through toys. So many of my favourite childhood toys are still around now twenty odd years later! 

Puppy surprise review

So when my 4-year-old daughter Sophia was recently asked if she would like to review a Puppy Surprise dog I jumped at the chance, as I loved Puppy Surprise when I was a child. These day's Puppy Surprise is a lot cooler than she was when I was a child, she is now brighter, more colourful and very cute!

The concept is still the same that you don't know how many puppies your dog will have until you open her up, will it be three, four or maybe even five! Sophia has recently turned four years old and she is animal crazy, any kind of animal is cute to her and she loves cuddly toys and bright girly colours. So the bright pastel coloured Taffy dog and puppies we were sent were perfect for her and she could not wait to get her out the box for a cuddle.

Sophia has never played with a Puppy Surprise before so when she opened the box she thought that she just had the mummy dog and the little barking puppy that came with her. When she realised that the mummy dog had a secret pouch in her tummy that opened and had more puppies in she was ever so excited! 

Puppy Surprise puppies

The set we were sent had three puppies all together, each of them looks different as they have different colours and are different sizes. When you are finished playing with the dogs you can easily fit all three puppies back in the mummy dogs pouch and fasten it up (with velcro) to keep them safe. 

Being a blogger's child my children do get sent a lot of toys to try out but I can safely say this is without a doubt one of Sophia's favourite. She plays with her dog's daily, she puts them all in the mummy dogs pouch at the end of the day and she places it on the bottom of her bed to sleep, she really loves it. 

For the last week, she has played with her puppies nonstop, making up games with them and cuddling them and just carrying them around with her. It is really lovely to watch as it is bringing out a really sweet caring side to her through role play when she cares for them, brushes the mummy dogs hair and cuddles them all. 

We were sent a series 5 Puppy Surprise dog but they now have series 8 available to buy, which comes with four new pups to collect (Chloe, Eliza, Lexi and Stacey). You can also buy refill packs of puppy's too which I think would make a great stocking filler/ pocket money type gift (RRP £7.99) for someone who already has a Puppy Surprise dog. 

Puppy Surprise series 8

You can buy Puppy Surprise from all leading toy retailers such as Smyths for around £27.99 and they are brilliant for children aged 3-6 years old. My four year old certainly loves it as does her five-year-old cousin, so it would make a wonderful gift idea for a little girl in this age range. 

Do you remember Puppy Surprise from your childhood? 

Disclosure we were sent this toy for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own. 



  1. Oh my gosh, I remember these. I used to always really want one when I was growing up. They are such a great toy for little ones!

    1. I loved them when I was a child, love finding toys that remind me of my own childhood xx

  2. My sister had these! I want the purple one, glad these have made a reappearance, maybe I'll get Anya one for her birthday

    1. They are fab, love toys that remind me of my childhood. My little girl adores it so I am sure Anya would too xx


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