Friday 14 July 2017

BRIO Police Station Review

My little boy Jacob will be three at the end of next month and he is really starting to show an interest in the toys he likes and make up little role play games. He is really into emergency services like policemen and firemen, he has a toy fire station and engine but he does not have any police toys. So when we were recently sent a BRIO police station set he could not wait to start playing. 

BRIO Police Station Review

The BRIO Police station is a set containing a police station, police car, a policeman, prisoner and some track for the car to ride along. The set can be attached to other BRIO sets and tracks to make a bigger playset. The figures can fit in the vehicle and it can 'drive' into the police station easily. Upstairs in the station is the prisoner cell with a bed and bars on the windows. 

Setting everything up was super easy as all you had to do was clip the track into place, everything else was ready to play with - much to Jacob's delight. Even at just 2-years-old Jacob could attach and un-attach the track easily himself, which he thought was great fun. 

BRIO Police Station

The BRIO police station is for children aged 3+ and at almost 3 Jacob really enjoyed playing with this set. The set has an RRP of  £29.99 which I initially thought was a little pricey for such a small set but after seeing how much Jacob enjoyed playing with it and how robust the set seems I think is a fair price. While the set is fun to play with on it own I think if we had more track and sets to add to it then it would be much more fun. 

BRIO Police Station

If you have BRIO fan then this set would be a great addition to add to the collection, it would equally be a good a set to introduce a child to BRIO. 

Disclosure we were sent this toy for the purpose of this review, however, all opinions are my own. 


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