Thursday 4 May 2017

Planning The Children's Bedroom Makeovers

We moved home just before Christmas and whilst we love our new family home and think that it will be our forever home we do have a lot of redecorating to do to make the house more 'us'. At the moment everywhere is decorated rather old fashioned with thick white patterned wallpaper in all of the rooms, and whilst it will do for now we do want to redecorate the whole house over the next year. One room that I am really looking forward to decorating is my children's bedrooms.

My youngest two children actually share a room at the moment as they are so close in age we thought it was best for them to share the largest bedroom in the house. As they are a boy and a girl I need to keep the room unisex and suitable for both of them, I also want a room that will grow with them for the next few years until we can extend our home and create a fourth bedroom.

decorating child bedroom

I have spent hours online searching for ideas on how to decorate the children's bedroom and I think I have narrowed it down to either bright and colourful or a woodland theme. I really like this Forest patterned wallpaper from Esprit and I just know that my children will love it, especially my daughter as she adores animals. I think the birds and foxes and the neutral colours make it suitable for a boy/girl bedroom and it is something that will last them for a few years until they each get a room of their own. 

They even have matching curtains which would really complete the look. I was thinking of getting a brown coloured carpet to match the room, which I think would work well in a forest themed room and is also a great colour for hiding children's mess.

We also need some new furniture for their room as their bedroom has no built-in storage, I was thinking of getting a double wardrobe as the one they have at the moment is tiny. I also need some kind of toy storage solution as we have so many plastic toy boxes in the room and I really don't like the look of them. If anyone has any toy storage ideas then please let me know as I really can not stand clutter. 

I was also thinking of getting a teepee for the courner of the room to add squishy cushions in and make into a snuggly reading corner. I will of course use some of the children's animals stuffed toys to help carry on the theme of the room. Due to the patterned wallpaper I would probably stick with plain neutral bedding and accessories in the room so that things were not too overwhelming, I much prefer understated decor ideas. 

How have you decorated your children's bedrooms? I would love to know in the comments below as I am always looking for inspiration. 


  1. Aw a woodland theme is so cute, you so need to get them some fox teddies!

    Stevie x

  2. Great ideas! I especially love the Forest patterned wallpaper.

  3. We haven't done any decorating since we moved in almost 2 years ago! The kids have gorgeous bunkbeds and we are thinking that we will move Zach in with them both as neither wants their own room.

  4. Oooh exciting I am loving that wallpaper what a gorgeous way to overhaul their room.


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