Tuesday 16 May 2017

Baby Born Sister Review

My little girl Sophia is almost four and she is such a typical little girl who is really into dolls, she loves playing with her baby dolls and pushing them around in her dolls pram. We were recently sent a Baby Born sister doll to review, to go with the Happy Birthday doll we reviewed last year. The Baby Born Sister doll is different to the typical Baby Born doll in that she looks more like a little girl than a baby. This is something that really appealed to my little girl as she is different to the other dolls that we own. 

Baby Born Sister Doll In Box

Baby Born sister comes dressed in jeans and a pink t-shirt and has long blonde hair in pigtails, she also comes with a range of accessories to play with and help children care for her. She comes with some trainers, a tangle tamer hairbrush, drinks beaker with straw, hair-clips and bobbles and matching friendship bracelets for the doll and child to wear. 

Baby Born Sister Doll

As soon as you open the as you take her out of the box she is ready to play with, as like other Baby Born dolls she does not need any batteries. She is a hard bodied doll with moveable limbs and bendable knees, and she is only a little bit taller than a regular Baby Born doll. She can drink real water from her beaker and this will enable her to cry real tears, which you do by giving her a drink then squeezing her right arm. 

We really liked this doll can stand on her own, although Sophia did find this difficult to do on her own and we had to help her balance the doll upright. Sophia really liked the long hair that this doll has and she loves brushing it and putting the clips and bobbles in that the doll comes with. 

As a middle child, Sophia really likes playing with this sister doll as she is a big and little sister herself. I think that any child would love this doll, especially those who are soon to be sisters or who want a doll that is a bit different to a regular baby style doll. At almost 4 I think that Sophia is the perfect age for this doll as she really enjoys playing with it and making up games with her regular baby born doll and this one. 

You can buy the Baby Born Sister doll from all leading toy retailers for around £44.99 and she would make a great birthday gift idea. 

Disclosure I was sent this doll for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own. 


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