Friday 4 April 2014

Sophia At 9 Month's Old.

Sophia turned 10 months old recently and I can not believe that in just two months time my baby girl will be one year old! The time really has flown over and it does not seem so long ago that I was pregnant with her. I really wish I had of started this blog sooner, so that I could have recorded more of the girl's childhood for us to look back on in years to come. So I am going to make a start now at recording what Sophia was like at 9 months old.

At 9 months Sophia weighed 20lbs in weight, she was still fitting into her 6-9 month clothes as her 9-12 were too big. She still has the same routine she has had since she was a newborn baby she has a bath between 6-6.30pm then her daddy takes her to bed and she is asleep by 7pm, she used to wake up at 7.30am but since it is getting lighter outside she is waking up at 6am on the dot. I really think I need to invest in some blackout blinds! She is still having two one hour long naps, one in the morning after we drop her sister off at school and one after her lunch.

Sophia's eating habits are slowly starting to improve, when we first started weaning her she use to eat no problem but when she got to 7 months she suddenly just started refusing food. She would scream, shake her head, clamp her mouth shut and she even use to make herself be sick if you did manage to get any food in her mouth, she just would not take anything off a spoon. So we stopped with the food for a while and just give her bottles and then we have been slowly introducing finger foods and she will eat these no problem but she will still not take anything at all off a spoon. She does not eat a lot and she still loves her bottles of milk, at 9 months she will eat carrots, mashed potato, Yorkshire puddings, toast, crumpets, grated cheese, baby rice cakes, baby biscuits, baby crisps, plain pasta, noodles, cheese savoury sandwich's, wotsits and chocolate .

loves her cheese sandwichs

Sophia can say hiya and she will wave at people when she says it, yeah, mam, dad, lee (her dads name) she try's to say Chloe (her sisters name) cat, bath, juice, cheese and doc (for Doc Mcstuffin )

Sophia can crawl but it is more of a fast bum shuffle then an actually crawl these days, she can walk with her baby walker and she can walk holding on to someone's hand, walks along furniture and walls, stands up unsupported. She has taken one step on her own then she realises no one is holding her and sits down .She waves and says hiya to everyone when she is out in her pram, she shakes her head for no and nods for yes, she will clap her hands if you say clap and dance if you say dance or there is music on, she hides her face to play peekaboo she can also point at the t.v and ask for doc meaning she wants to watch doc mcstuffin (she is obsessed with it).

Sophia loves Doc Mcstuffin and Sofia the first on the Disney channel, her daddy - she is still a total daddy's girl and has been since the day she was born, cheese she will eat anything cheesy, bath time and a little black and white whale bath toy she has, walking with her baby walker, the cat marmalade who is scared of her and runs away if she goes near it, Sophie the giraffe who she has since she was tiny and the swings at the park.

loves the park

I think 9 months is a lovely age as her little personality is starting to really shine and she is learning new things every single day. She is so funny and makes us laugh, she is starting to get independent and play with her toys and toddle about but she is also still a little baby as well. I really do fall in love with her a little bit more every single day.

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