Wednesday 16 April 2014

Already Halfway There 20 Week's Pregnant!

20-week pregnancy update

I am now 21 week's pregnant and I am now more than halfway through my pregnancy it really has flown over and I cant believe that in just 19 weeks time baby should be on its way and I will be a mum of three! As I type this I am watching one born every minute on t.v and I really am starting to think i must be crazy to go through all that pain from labour again so soon after my last baby and wonder how on earth I am going to cope with a newborn, a 1 year old and a almost 12 year old. I really, truly, believe I am crazy.

my 20-week scan
Anyway, enough of me babbling on here is what happened in my 20th week of pregnancy.

I had my 20-week scan when I was exactly 20 week's pregnant which I wrote about last week and everything was perfect with the baby, although we could not find out if it was pink or blue. It had its leg's crossed and it's hand and cord in the way also, it looks like baby wants to keep us guessing if it's pink or blue and surprise us when it is born.

After my scan, I had an appointment in the ante-natal clinic with my consultant as I have said before I am under consultant led care due to my blood pressure being high. The consultant said that everything seemed perfectly normal and as it should be and there were no concerns so they have just told me to carry on taking my blood pressure medication and aspirin and I can drop my weekly midwife appointments down to fortnightly appointments. Then I have to go back to the hospital at 28 weeks for another consultant appointment and another scan to check on baby's growth.

 I have still done no baby shopping at all apart from one baby grow from next, I haven't even been to look in any baby shops. I really must drag the other half shopping when he is off work and start picking a double pram and baby clothes. We still can not decide on a name for baby either we have 2 boy names we like but we just can not agree on a girl name the other half has mentioned a few he likes and I like them but I just cant find a name that I totally love. I hope that I make my mind up soon, I don't want to have a nameless baby.

It's half term this week so I have been loving spending time with Chloe and we have had a few nice days out, I took her to the cinema to see Rio 2 but I was so uncomfortable sitting still for 2 hours now my bump is getting bigger.

How I am feeling this week

I am still feeling pretty good this week I still have a lot more energy and I have had no sickness and no mood swings which is brilliant. I have not really craved anything this week and I am not eating big meals but lots of snacks as I am constantly hungry but I get full so quickly. I have also been waking up during the night quiet a lot and then finding it really hard to get back to sleep again and when I do sleep I am having really really vivid dreams, I actually wake up in the morning and wonder if the dream was real or not. See I told you I must be crazy!

 I also have major baby brain lately I keep repeating things and forgetting things and getting words mixed up. I am actually quite worried about it but everyone keeps telling me its normal but I don't remember this from my previous pregnancy's unless I have just forgotten.

Baby is moving around lots now which is lovely I feel movements really low down little wriggles and kicks and prods, I think because a baby is low down it is causing me to get lower back pain if I sit for more then half an hour or if I am doing housework it really aches. I am also getting really bad cramps in my feet a few times a day which is horrible and I have also started to get nosebleeds a few times this week also. Ah, the joys and glamour of pregnancy! no one ever tells you about these lovely side effects of pregnancy.

What baby is up to this week

At 20 weeks pregnant baby is about 16.4 cm long, its hair is growing and its teeth buds are in place. Baby is all formed and looks like a baby now just smaller all it needs to do now is grow and get chubby ready for the outside world in 4 months time.


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