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Pregnancy weeks 17.18 and 19

Week 17, 18 and 19 Pregnancy Update

I have not done a pregnancy update for a few weeks now as they were all starting to sound a bit the same, as nothing much has been going on pregnancy wise. I am now 20 week's pregnant so I thought that I would do a update on what week's 17,18 and 19 were like all in one post. As you know I have to have weekly check-up's at the midwifes to check my blood pressure and urine, as my blood pressure has been high and I am on medication for it. I am also at increased risk of pre-eclampsia, as i had it in my first pregnancy and my mum had it with me. Each week my blood pressure has been fine so my medication is working and my urine has been fine too. I also get to hear  baby's heart beat each week which is always lovely.

I have been feeling fantastic the last few week's, I have had no more morning sickness (thank you baby) my skin has been feeling super soft and my hair has been soft and shiny and I finally have a lovely 'pregnancy glow'. I am much more aware of baby's movements now and I am starting to feel it wriggle around a lot more which is amazing, even though its my third baby I am still amazed when I feel it and think there is a little person inside me.

My mood swings are so much better now I haven't snapped or burst into tears at anyone for week's and I really do feel back to my normal happy self. I also have loads more energy as well and I am staying up later on a night time .

 Everyone in are household was struck down with a cold and sickness bug recently which was not great as I could not take anything for it with being pregnant. It also meant I did not get any time to rest and relax as I was so busy looking after the girls, but when you are a mum you just don't have the time to be ill you just have to soldier on I suppose. It was also mothers day and Lee and the girls spoilt me with some lovely presents and took me out for a meal and I had a very rare and much needed day off from mum duties no cooking or cleaning was such a treat, they even got me a mothers day card off bump which was so sweet and thoughtful.

mothers day card off bump.
Lee got promoted at work and i am super proud of him, I wanted to take him out for a meal to celebrate but we did not have a babysitter so we just got a Chinese take away and had a nice night in together instead. We still have not started baby shopping yet, luckily we have most of the stuff off Sophia that she no longer needs but we still need to look for a double buggy, clothes, moses basket, bottles etc or poor baby wont have anything when it is born. Now lee has got a promotion and a pay rise I suppose that's a great excuse to go shopping and spoil baby!

How I am feeling this week

My bump is definitely much bigger and it seems to be growing by the day at the moment and you can defiantly tell I am pregnant now and not just fat . Although I am craving some really bad foods like ready salted hula hoops, crumpets with butter and chicken kebabs wraps, so I dread to think how much weight I will gain and how big baby will be if I carry on. But I have gone off chocolate and sweet stuff now which I guess is slightly good.

 Absolutely none of my normal clothes fit me now and I am living in leggings I brought in a size bigger and a few stretchy tops I have, plus the two maternity tops I brought when I was pregnant with Sophia. I didn't put on much weight when pregnant with Sophia (7lb) and I had a small neat bump with her so I got away with just wearing my normal clothes and a few things in a size bigger, but this time I seem to be getting bigger all over. I keep saying that i am going to go maternity clothes shopping and i really must now that nothing is fitting me so I think that is my goal for next week to buy some proper maternity clothes. I also need to get fitted for some new maternity bras as I am sure my boobs are starting to grow daily along with my belly which is a bonus! I think i also need to buy some new shoe's too as even my feet seem to be getting bigger as I am struggling to get them on my feet and they feel a bit tight which is weird. Overall week's 17,18 and 19 have been really easy and straight forward and pretty good week's (apart from being ill for a few days)

bump at 18 week's
Baby update

  • At 17 week's baby is forming taste bud's and is about the size of an onion and is 5 inches long and weighs about 5 oz in weight which seems tiny.
  • At 18 week's baby is starting to mimic breathing and is about the size of a pepper is 5 and a half inches long and weighs about 7 oz.
  • At 19 weeks baby is starting to swallow amniotic fluid and it's kidneys are producing urine and it is about the size of a mango and 6 inches long and weighs about 9 oz

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