Wednesday 9 April 2014

20 Week Scan

Today I am 20 week's pregnant exactly, I can not believe I am exactly half way through my pregnancy it really has flown over! Today I had my 20 week scan. I was feeling a bit nervous before my scan, just due to it being the anomaly scan and in case something was found to be wrong with baby due to my high blood pressure, and being on medication for that. Luckily I had an early morning appointment so I did not have too much time to worry beforehand.

As soon as I arrived at the hospital I was called into the scan room, Lee had came with me and so had Chloe and Lee's grandma. As soon as I lay on the bed they put the probe on my tummy and up popped baby, I couldn't believe how big it was since I last seen it seven weeks ago, it filled the whole screen up. We could see its little heart pumping away and the sonographer turned the sound on so we could hear its heartbeat, even though this is my third baby I still felt amazed and a bit emotional watching baby.

20 week scan pic
The scan was so clear we could make out every little bone in its spine and the baby turned around to face us and it looked so much like Sophia, it had the same shaped head and nose. The scan took about 20 minutes but it seemed to fly over, I could have quiet happily stayed there all day watching my baby. They checked all of baby's organs and skeleton and everything was perfect and all the measurements were spot on.

We had asked to find out if baby was a boy or a girl, as we are so impatient and dying to know so we can start baby shopping and pick a name. However it had its legs crossed, cord between its legs and also a hand in the way throughout the whole scan. I think that is a clear sign that we are not meant to know and that baby wants to surprise us when it is born.

In a way I am a little disappointed as I loved knowing Sophia was a girl and being able to buy nice outfits and decorate her nursery all girly. I never knew what Chloe my first born was and it was a huge surprise when she was born, as I had been convinced she was a boy! but I am just so glad that baby is happy and healthy that it really doesn't matter if it is a boy or a girl. I will just buy lots of neutral baby grows and it also means I have a excuse to go and buy it lots of cute outfits once it is born! I loved every second of my scan and my pregnancy is actually starting to feel real now, I can not wait until my next scan in eight weeks time.


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