Tuesday 6 October 2020

What It Is Like Having A Puppy And Why We Need New Flooring

 Collaborative post.

Back in May, we welcomed an 8-week-old  puppy, Teddy, into our family and we have had him for almost five months now. As first-time puppy owners, it has been a bit of a learning curve over the past few months, however, I am so glad we got him and would recommend a dog to anyone thinking of getting a one. I have never been a dog person, I was bitten as a child and was terrified of them growing up. It has taken my husband and children years to convince me to get a dog, and I honestly think getting a dog has been the best thing for our family. Teddy brings us all so much joy, he is so playful with the children, he gets us all out the house on family walks and he makes us smile and laugh every single day. I think it is safe to say we are all a little bit smitten with him, even me!


So what has it been like being first-time puppy owners?

Honestly, in some ways, it has been a lot easier than I thought it would be and in some ways, it has been harder. We have been very lucky with Teddy as he came from a brilliant family with children a similar age to my own so he fitted into our family straight away. He is a poochon (a poodle cross) so he is smart and easy to train. He has slept in his crate since day one, he sits and gives paw and walks off his lead. So far he has not destroyed anything by chewing it - other than his dog bed, he sleeps all night, he eats his food and he doesn't bite or nip. 

But it is not all perfect. He is still not fully toilet trained! We take him in the garden all the time and take him on walks and he will have lots of wee's then he will still pee in the house. It is always in the dining room, luckily he has never had a wee anywhere else. I think it is our own fault as we had puppy pads down when we first got him and now he always goes where the puppy pads were and has a wee all over the floor! 

It is destroying our flooring, luckily we have laminate flooring down and not a carpet so it is easier to clean up. I clean it with floor cleaners and spray pet odour removers but it still smells slightly and it is not nice. So I have been planning on getting some new flooring when he stops doing it. Now that we have a puppy, three kids and a cat we need flooring that will last and survive the chaos that a household with kids and pets bring with it. Whilst browsing online I found some engineered wood flooring that sounds perfect for households like mine as it is long-lasting, moisture-resistant and high quality. I just need to decide which one to order as there are lots of different ones to choose from, although I think we will go for a darker colour as we have light flooring at the moment and I fancy a change. 

If you have any flooring or puppy training tips please send them my way by leaving a comment in the box below. Thank you. 


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